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Forums - Gaming Discussion - The first console videogame I remember playing at home was...


The first console I played on was the...

Intellivision/Atari 2600/Magnavox Odyssey 27 32.14%
NES 23 27.38%
Sega Master System 1 1.19%
Sega Genesis 4 4.76%
Super Nintendo 4 4.76%
Playstation 1 6 7.14%
N64 5 5.95%
PS2 1 1.19%
Xbox 2 2.38%
Dang...there's only 9 options, I pick other! 11 13.10%

NES at home. But before that Atari at a friend's place.

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I don't remember the exact game, but my first console experience at home was with the Intellivision.


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Super Mario Bros. Duck hunt combo for the NES. Magical times. Second I remember was Zelda II it was such a dark and mysterious game. I was five then but still even though I couldn't get far into it Zelda always had a special allure for me.

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The first gaming console I played was at a friends place.  They had an atari something or other.  The first home console we had was Coleco Vision

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NES and Duck Hunt, I don't remember much of the Atari 2600 as I was too young to remember however I can remember playing the NES, I still have it boxed up somewhere.

Contra on a NES clone.

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Sega Megadrive was the first console in our home. My mother was extremely anti video games and she only took it while protesting because it was handed down from my grandma.

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Pac-Man, on the Atari 2600. Before they simplified the game board.

This poll certainly doesn't skew quite like I thought it would. I know there are a number of younger users on this site and I would have expected them to have played PS1/2 and Xbox games first. It's interesting that the first few generations of gaming are still the origin story for so many gamers. It's either that or so many want to claim they have true heritage in their gaming genes. I'm surprised so many NES machines and Atari 2600 systems have survived the decades long enough for everyone to continue using these as their first systems.