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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo announced yet ANOTHER nindie presentation for next week.

Tagging for later

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Tagging for later x2

Don't really know what to expect for this considering we just had a pretty big update on indie games for Switch not long ago.

The one Direct they announce at a good time and I have shit to do. Sigh, I guess I'll see it later.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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I think we Will see some Travis.
Hopefully we get some fresh games from indies. Not cause you are Indie that you have To make pixel art.

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OH MY GOD! I saw Bastion and Transistor in there! :D

What a waste of fucking time. Every other game looked the exact same ffs...

Well that was alright i guess. Just think there is an overload of 2D plateformer and pixel art stuff. The rest was great tho.

Not much interesting stuff for me, though some looked slightly intriguing.

At least we got some release dates for some of the bigger incoming Indies

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The first game they showed reminded me of kamiko

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