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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo announced yet ANOTHER nindie presentation for next week.

Pachofilauri said:
I love how Nintendo is treating indies, but i rather have a normal direct with some indie announcements

Well,judging from live reactions, it looks like not everyone enjoy Nintendo putting some time on directs for smaller games, so I think it's nice to separate in two different presentations so it can give a decent amount of time to show these games.

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Bookmarked, can't wait to see what they'll bring this time

a guy can hope for castle crashers

Is a way out an indie game ?

Shadow Warrior?

Superhot?ETC ETC many other games high quality 3d games found only on xbox one and ps4?


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Is this the earliest a presentation has been announced?

@mZuzek  Also been waiting for Hyper Light Drifter since its WiiU announcement...

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with the online service coming out, maybe some more older games for snes, nes? id like that.


I am still waiting for MOVE OR DIE!!!!!

And i love the emphasis on the word "Another" xD

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I hope these indies will make it to switch ? I'm excited for this second half of year indie games coming to xbox one not sure about switch but heres 3 more though I know theres more like 30 plus 3d indies second half of 2018 


Man of medan?


Devils hunt 

A plague a tale of innocence?


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I think they are going to talk about the games that were announced at gamescom.

The_Liquid_Laser said:
I think they are going to talk about the games that were announced at gamescom.

Outlast and A hat in time did make it to the Switch If gamescom indies dont make it in next week then maybe few of them might appear in 2019 cant ignore that nintendo money forever :)

I game on all consoles and PC