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Forums - Gaming Discussion - No mans sky is absolutely brilliant in 2018. (Addictive as space crack)


No mans Sky in 2018.

Impressed 13 31.71%
On the fence still. 8 19.51%
Disappointed 9 21.95%
Have yet to play 11 26.83%
Comments/Indifferent/Middle America... 0 0%
John2290 said:
KLXVER said:
I bought it when it came out and beat it. No need to play it again unless its completely different. Ive mined enough minerals for a lifetime.

It's conpletely different. Theres a 30 hour story (which im finding really entertaining so far) Dozens of side quests, dozens of jobs, a lengthy base building sub quest (I'm 20 hours in on that one and its really fun). It has a space fleet managment meta game, there is emergent gameplay all over the shop from new easter eggs type deals as you explore and ontop of that the prodecural generation is overhauled making everything look so much better than 2 years ago, planets are much more beutiful, interesting and really surprising at times, sometimes I don't want to leave them. Even the third person cameras make the game feel different and much more enjoyable for some reason. The drop in, drop out multiplayer is great.... basically everything except for the first two hours is different. There is triple if not quadruple the amount of content and it's good quality content too.

It's well worth returning too and I'm so glad I did. 

Wait there is a story mode and full proper blown out story?

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John2290 said:
CladInShadows said:
I think the game is now fantastic. Been playing this pretty much exclusively since it came out. I'm always sitting at work getting that hankering to play. The sheer amount of content is a huge improvement, and mutliplayer is a game changer. I don't ever play online with strangers, but my brother and I just have voice chat set up and we explore independently as well as together, and often do freighter quests together in between working on the various quest lines. The PC mouse and keyboard interface needs some work, though I can also use a controller on PC. And there's the odd bug, but nothing game breaking, and not a single crash yet.

And some of the planets look fucking amazing.

PS: Star Citizen is not a scam. People need to really look up the definition for that word.

Nah,never said It's a scam but they are taking the piss now and have falling into a way of profiting without releasing the game. The game will never release in the traditional sense and they will continue this whale hunting business after launch and among those whales who are well fed and can pay the hundreds to thousands in funding tiers there are many more smaller fish getting caught in the scheme and can't afford it. The game should be in a cohesive alpha already and not a series of vertical slices, it'll be another two years at least before they drop a beta if they ever even get there. It may not be a scam or started with that intent but it's very nearly bordering on it. This will always be early access and the money they've gotten has being horribly mismanaged. Many games have taken this same approach with a LOT less funding and have released finished products amazingly polished (e.g Project CARS) in a third the time since crowd funding was announced and in that example have pushed out a sequel. Insanely high aspirations or not its unacceptable but as I said,its on the funders for not pulling out even now and continuing to double down on fugasi. Squadron 46 will probably release as a finished product but anyone thinking the promise of a finished game can be met without charging full price even to funders and a great deal more funding between now and then. The point was anyway that NMS isn't in the same category as early access or crowd funded games for obvious reasons as they released a finished game,do those ethical worries should factor into any arguments. Perhaps, over hype and the issue with pushing to keep ontop of the hype should be the topic of discussion.

Yeah, I can't agree with you there.  Fact is, anyone who's paid into the crowd funding for Star Citizen has gotten dozens and dozens of playable builds.  The game is constantly progressing.  Also, as non-game-developers, we really have no reasonable leg to stand on when it comes to determining where they should or should not be in their development cycle, nor are we in any kind of position to determine how their funds have been managed.  Random internet posters all seem to be experts on how companies should or should not develop their games, but most times it's a bunch of hot air fueled by a lot of ignorance. Maybe if we weren't getting a constant stream of updates and playable builds, I'd feel differently.  But we are.  I guess I lump the whole "Star Citizen is a scam" thing into the same category as the "One Man's Lie" folks.

Anyways, I don't want to hijack this thread any more with SC talk.  NMS Next is awesome!

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John2290 said:
bananaking21 said:

Wait there is a story mode and full proper blown out story?

Yeah. Apparently 20-30 hours depending on what mode you choose I'm about 5 hours into it on creative. It's surprisingly deep and lore full, really interesting too. There's also a story to the base building quests which is seperate, it's more subtle but full of lore and there's a ton of smaller stories littered into side quests that seem to tie back to the new scenario. I'm not far enough into it to comment on that quite yet but I can see it so far. I think the story was added in the last Atlas rises update. Like I said in the OP, the game is really deep now, it's easy to tell when re-reviews( like IGNs horrible attempt) didn't even dive into that content added in the last two years and probably played for 5 hours or so for footage just experiencing the surface changes. 

I might buy it now if it's on sale for super extra cheap. I don't like the core gameplay loop of harvest, spend and harvest again. And to me this game is a huge risk. But it's good it has a story and decent lore. 

CladInShadows said:
Darwinianevolution said:
I'm conflicted on this game. Should I buy after that and make the practise of finishing games post-launch look acceptable in the eyes of other devs, or should I not buy it and make it look like it's not worth save a game like that after it fails?

I think if a developer puts in that much work on FREE updates that are actually good, they deserve to be rewarded for it.


Does no one remember the original 2010 release of FFXIV? Which is now a beloved game?

John2290 said:
Ataraxias said:


Does no one remember the original 2010 release of FFXIV? Which is now a beloved game?

He was talking about free updates, unless I'm getting ripped off paying 12.99 a month for FF14 on top of the 60+20+40 for ARRB, Heavensward and Stormblood, it's not the same thing in context of tje comment above.They got and are still getting a constant stream of money to repair 1.0 and turn it into ARRB and beyond. They are even profiting. Hello games is not and are taking money they could have ran with and taking a majour chance repair their game and image.

Original FFXIV became a totally free game and ran on deficits for 3 years before ARR started charging money again.

Sorry I misquoted - I meant to originally quote the part about not rewarding devs for repairing broken games.   Whereas we had a prime poster child example back in 2010, this is not a new thing.

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im never gonna play this unless its re-released with a 85+ metascore.

contestgamer said:
im never gonna play this unless its re-released with a 85+ metascore.

You're trying to not be taken seriously, right?

anyone like me here who is married and working fulltime, get the time to spend hours into games like this? i wish the days were longer...

The worse part is you now need Plus or Gold to play which they slipped in under the radar.

I am tempted on getting on ps4. I have been hearing good things about the updates.