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Forums - Gaming Discussion - No mans sky is absolutely brilliant in 2018. (Addictive as space crack)


No mans Sky in 2018.

Impressed 13 31.71%
On the fence still. 8 19.51%
Disappointed 9 21.95%
Have yet to play 11 26.83%
Comments/Indifferent/Middle America... 0 0%

Honestly, I think it's great that despite the, admittedly deserved, negative reception the game got upon release Hello Games went back and actually fixed many of the problems that people brought up about it. Still, for me personally it's just too little too late. I just don't have the time or the interest to get into No Man's Sky at this point in time. There are just too many other, much more interesting games for me to play.

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Mystro-Sama said:
The worse part is you now need Plus or Gold to play which they slipped in under the radar.

Or more proof it was never and online game to begin with. :P

Hmm, pie.

I do actually have a quick question for any veteran of NMS. I can't get the hang of ship to ship combat, the ship controls are too floaty for me to accurately target enemy ships so I find myself in 5-10 minute dogfights against single ships because I can't ever lock on to them. Any tips? I still have a relative noob ship (B class - 27 slots with minimal boosts to stats). Are there any auto lock weapons that I can just fire in their general direction?

As of right now, this is pretty frustrating for me because there is a main mission that's locked behind getting ship kills :/

mZuzek said:
contestgamer said:
im never gonna play this unless its re-released with a 85+ metascore.

You're trying to not be taken seriously, right?

Sorry that I use data and information for my decision making instead of blind faith and feelings.

contestgamer said:
mZuzek said:

You're trying to not be taken seriously, right?

Sorry that I use data and information for my decision making instead of blind faith and feelings.

Implying it's better to allow other people to choose what art you consume rather than judging things yourself. Yeah...

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Meh, just tried it again. Still very boring, basically unplayable for me... to each their own though...

Just watched the Gamespot video review of the game after the Next update, and I've got to say, it's a rather impressive review, especially as someone that hasn't played the game yet, and it's definitely pushed me far into the "buy" area;

The game is still literally unplayable by my standards. I don't understand the appeal honestly. If I want to see some randomly generated artistic work I'll just google and then drive to a new botanical garden. The crafting just reminds me of all the other grind trap games that have plagued my past. There's just so many directions games can take and that is not the direction I want the industry to go so I won't buy it or support it. I stopped buying a lot of games this generation because they either do things I don't want in a game or added a ton of micro transactions. 

The only game ever i have tried to return on steam. never again, don't care how much people say it is 'fixed'

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