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That is the eventual conclusion of an extreme right wing government, which is already very guilty of ethnic cleansing. This doesn't surprise.

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Aeolus451 said:
More lefties hating on Jews I take it?

An ignorant response. It's not about left or right, it's about a state that has declared itself as Jewish and treats other citizens as second class. It's also a state that has no respect for borders or human rights. 

Pagan said:

Israel has given all the rights to israeli arabs. There is no such thing as appartheid. If so, why no one is living on the palestinian side? Arabs in israel are pretty happy. 

You do realise there's over 4 million Palestinians right living in Gaza and West Bank right?

Mar1217 said:
Aeolus451 said:
More lefties hating on Jews I take it?

No, but you can't look at the political situation in Israel and suddenly tell yourself that everything's A ok.

Israel has removed humans rights from the Palestinians since the 2nd Israel-Palestinia war and of course threathing them like crap, discrimanating them and forced a colonisation/assimilation of West Bank into Israel ever since gradually, by locking Palestinians into walls to force them to quit their territory.

Removing Arabic as official language is just another symbolic trust into the hypocrisy that has become this country.

Tell youself "lefties hating on Jews" if that makes you happy but it's not a matter that can denied by ignorance/indifference.

It's not okay but not in the way you describe it. Human rights? That's really cute.... The Palestinians elected a terrorist organization that wants to wipe out the jews by any means. They use their own people as human shields and strap bombs to their own kids. They don't share any of our values (like gay rights, women's rights, religious rights) while Israel does. So I'm supposed to ignore what Hamas actively does over an ally who shares our values just because of their spat over territory? No.

  If you strap a bomb to kids to be used as suicide bombers, I don't care what you think or how you feel anymore. If you use women and kids as human shields, I ran out of shits to give about you losing territory. Again, no. I'm not gonna support any group or people who are clearly antithetical to western values.

What isn't funny is that I doubt many are complaining that it is done like that in a lot of African and Arabian countries right?

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Israel is the only homeland for Jews. Israel was founded by Jews over three thousand years ago, served as a nation for the Jews for centuries until it got occupied by foreign powers in ancient times. Modern Israel was created as a nation of Jews.

Meanwhile Arabs have plenty of land and dozens of independent nations to settle in.

Israel should remain predominantly Jewish. Call it apartheid or racism but it's morally right.

CartBlanche said:


Who would have thought that after the world rallied to remove apartheid from South Africa, that Israel would pick up that mantle after the history behind its creation.

Israel should become like South Africa

Israel has been a problem for decades. The change to a fully Jewish state isn't really a big deal, but it's yet another step in the wrong direction. There have been a lot of these steps recently, and it's getting very worrisome now.

As long as Europe and the US keep defending the Jewish people instead of trying to be neutral, the situation won't get any better.

haxxiy said:

Of course there's double standards going on here. Imagine if Germany declared itself the "state of German people". Or even Poland or Hungary, which have a larger chance to do so right now. Is this how the people supposedly chosen by God claim to lead by example?

Not that Christians have any business considering that anymore and condoning Zionism nowadays, since that's the whole point of believing in Christ isn't it? That the only covenant nowadays is the Christian Church? Accordingly, not even a single apostolic, gnostic or protestant group were ennamored with Zionism, until American Evangelicals in the late 19th century.

What is more appaling is how much of a boogeyman Islam has been made, when IRA and ETA terrorism killed way more people in the 20th century in Europe, and the social norms of Muslim nations are pretty much the same as Europe's and North America's until the 50s or 60s -- less than two generations ago! I'm not sure where this social amnesia came from, but surely it makes easier to de-humanize those people (Palestinians etc.) to serve Israeli and American interests.

That's totally false.

I agree that globalist/leftist Jews are hypocritical when it comes to mass immigration to the West and the preservation of white people and our independce and culture, but there's no reason whatsover to downplay the destructive ideology of islam.

Do you reallyt think Islam is compatible with Judaism when we look at history and our current societies? Mohammad himself attacked and exterminated Jewish tribes back in the day, and muslims have submitted Jews under their rule ever since.

Why have all the 40 or so Islamic nations in the world so much hatred towards Israel while they refuse to criticize the lack of human rights in the islamic world and elsewhere?

As for your "social norms in Muslim nations are pretty much the same as Europe's in the 50's", do you think the Finnish, Italian and Greek migrants that came to Sweden in the 50's and 60's en masse behaved like muslim immigrants have done since they started to pour into my country from the 80's and onwards, creating no-go zones and being massively overrepresented in violent crime and malevolence, and being a huge economic burden on society?

As for the IRA and ETA myth about terrorism victims. How many Western and Christian terrorists have blown up people outside of Western countries for reasons of religious fanaticism? What about all the Iraqis and Africans that have been killed by muslim terrorists (by Al Qaida, ISIS, Talibans, Al Shabab, Boko Haram etc)? Do not these count as muslim terrorism?

Do you understand that the numbers killed by IRA, ETA and all other Western/Christian only make up a small fraction of the number of victims that have fallen to islamic terror in the last few decades?

The Zionist that run that state have really tarnished the name of Jews, and it pisses me off that my tax money goes there to support those *censored word*

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