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Mar1217 said:
Aeolus451 said:
More lefties hating on Jews I take it?

No, but you can't look at the political situation in Israel and suddenly tell yourself that everything's A ok.

Israel has removed humans rights from the Palestinians since the 2nd Israel-Palestinia war and of course threathing them like crap, discrimanating them and forced a colonisation/assimilation of West Bank into Israel ever since gradually, by locking Palestinians into walls to force them to quit their territory.

Removing Arabic as official language is just another symbolic trust into the hypocrisy that has become this country.

Tell youself "lefties hating on Jews" if that makes you happy but it's not a matter that can denied by ignorance/indifference.

It's not okay but not in the way you describe it. Human rights? That's really cute.... The Palestinians elected a terrorist organization that wants to wipe out the jews by any means. They use their own people as human shields and strap bombs to their own kids. They don't share any of our values (like gay rights, women's rights, religious rights) while Israel does. So I'm supposed to ignore what Hamas actively does over an ally who shares our values just because of their spat over territory? No.

  If you strap a bomb to kids to be used as suicide bombers, I don't care what you think or how you feel anymore. If you use women and kids as human shields, I ran out of shits to give about you losing territory. Again, no. I'm not gonna support any group or people who are clearly antithetical to western values.