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So with Israel declaring itself pretty much exclusively "Jewish" and banning Arabic it is now at the forefront of being apartheid.

Who would have thought that after the world rallied to remove apartheid from South Africa, that Israel would pick up that mantle after the history behind its creation. 

Next steps are to get the Arabs, living in Israel, to wear armbands with a crescent moon or similar shape, so they can be easily identified. 

The Irony isn't even funny.

Sad that humans can't seem to evolve past the abused becoming the abusers. Humans can be such a pathetic species sometimes.

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More lefties hating on Jews I take it?

Don't exaggerate, Arabic is no longer recognized as an official language of Israel it's not banned. If you want a discussion maybe do it on genuine terms and not going completely radical out of the gate.

Does anything in this law force separation between Jews and anyone else? Does it outlaw anything?

The supposed 'banning' of Arabic:

4 — Language
A. The state’s language is Hebrew.
B. The Arabic language has a special status in the state; Regulating the use of Arabic in state institutions or by them will be set in law.
C. This clause does not harm the status given to the Arabic language before this law came into effect.

There was a clause that would have been borderline apartheid in that it allowed town councils to restrict who could move in, but that clause was removed and is not in the final version.  What was actually passed is pretty much nothing that isn't already law.  The only real purpose was to make the Israeli Supreme Court give more weight to Jewish issues in its decisions by making what was already law have status closer to that of a constitution.

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Israel has given all the rights to israeli arabs. There is no such thing as appartheid. If so, why no one is living on the palestinian side? Arabs in israel are pretty happy. 

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Of course there's double standards going on here. Imagine if Germany declared itself the "state of German people". Or even Poland or Hungary, which have a larger chance to do so right now. Is this how the people supposedly chosen by God claim to lead by example?

Not that Christians have any business considering that anymore and condoning Zionism nowadays, since that's the whole point of believing in Christ isn't it? That the only covenant nowadays is the Christian Church? Accordingly, not even a single apostolic, gnostic or protestant group were ennamored with Zionism, until American Evangelicals in the late 19th century.

What is more appaling is how much of a boogeyman Islam has been made, when IRA and ETA terrorism killed way more people in the 20th century in Europe, and the social norms of Muslim nations are pretty much the same as Europe's and North America's until the 50s or 60s -- less than two generations ago! I'm not sure where this social amnesia came from, but surely it makes easier to de-humanize those people (Palestinians etc.) to serve Israeli and American interests.






Such a despicable nation.

Does this do more than just remove Arabic's status as a national language? If not, while I can't say I condone this action, I have difficulty viewing Israel as the next form of apartheid given its proximity to various nations where converting religions from Islam is punishable by death.

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whoops double post

Aeolus451 said:
More lefties hating on Jews I take it?

No, but you can't look at the political situation in Israel and suddenly tell yourself that everything's A ok.

Israel has removed humans rights from the Palestinians since the 2nd Israel-Palestinia war and of course threathing them like crap, discrimanating them and forced a colonisation/assimilation of West Bank into Israel ever since gradually, by locking Palestinians into walls to force them to quit their territory.

Removing Arabic as official language is just another symbolic trust into the hypocrisy that has become this country.

Tell youself "lefties hating on Jews" if that makes you happy but it's not a matter that can denied by ignorance/indifference.

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