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Of course there's double standards going on here. Imagine if Germany declared itself the "state of German people". Or even Poland or Hungary, which have a larger chance to do so right now. Is this how the people supposedly chosen by God claim to lead by example?

Not that Christians have any business considering that anymore and condoning Zionism nowadays, since that's the whole point of believing in Christ isn't it? That the only covenant nowadays is the Christian Church? Accordingly, not even a single apostolic, gnostic or protestant group were ennamored with Zionism, until American Evangelicals in the late 19th century.

What is more appaling is how much of a boogeyman Islam has been made, when IRA and ETA terrorism killed way more people in the 20th century in Europe, and the social norms of Muslim nations are pretty much the same as Europe's and North America's until the 50s or 60s -- less than two generations ago! I'm not sure where this social amnesia came from, but surely it makes easier to de-humanize those people (Palestinians etc.) to serve Israeli and American interests.