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Forums - Gaming Discussion - If you bought Crash N Sane Trilogy on Switch or Xbox One?

melbye said:
Peh said:

What? You sure about this?

A PS-controller with analoge-sticks didn't Even exist when the first Crash was released.

Exactly. Also, the Switch has a Pro Controller with a fully functioning D-Pad. 

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Bought on Switch, just a better fit for me. Same reason I'll wait for Spyo on the Switch and Sonic Mania if I ever decide to get that.

3 levels in and already found it unforgiving. Never had a PS1 back in the 90s so this is my very first taste. I do like to art style though.

Oh you kids today. Just can't handle a real platforming challenge! So used to Uncharted exploration-based platforming n' such where the only real challenge is finding platforms rather than actually landing jumps. Spoiled, spoiled! This is how it used to be. It wasn't just the early Crash games.

I's just saying!

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The games were never hard, they just had shocking controls. A D-Pad is not suited for these games, i still managed to finish the trilogy when i was really young.

Bought on Switch. Had a gift card and have no immediate game certainties until Ultimate comes out.

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I mean, I'd use any excuse to destroy a Labo around.

Anyways, I'm playing Crash 1 right now and while fun, it's definitely a little cheap and clunky. I'm decent at platformers but it is giving me a hard time sometimes.

just bought the game for switch. crash is the kind of game i'll enjoy playing handheld.

on the third level of crash 1. we'll see how hard it gets.

Hang on lets not paint these n00bs with a Nintendo fan brush.

A real Nintendo fan has mastered Mario games and Crash shouldn't be a bother for them lol.

Just cause someone owns a Switch don't make them a Nintendo fan.



You are not a true Nintendo fan if you haven't played hard games! The NES and SNES were full of them! Crash difficulty is normal if you play a lot of older games. I.E pre 5th generation. Anyway, I got to the Native fort (I think that's what is called?). I am having more difficulty getting used to the physics than the actual level design. I am planning on playing them in order like I did with the Mega Man legacy collection.

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