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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Who hasn't played many Nintendo games?

CrazyGamer2017 said:
Lonely_Dolphin said:
But the Wii and Wii U were also underpowered, so I don't really understand why that's now stopping you from getting a Switch.

Because in relation to what video games were back in those days and what they are today, they were not as underpowered as the Switch is.

Also people change, my demands now are not what they were 10 years ago. 10 years ago gaming happened on TV's whose definition ranged from low def (480i) to high def (1080p) and my Wii while on the low end was still outputting within that range. Today the norm is between 1080p and 4K and a game like Zelda is NOT in that norm, it outputs at 900p if I remember correctly with a lot of aliasing.

I totally get that the Switch is doing great considering it's mostly a portable system but like I said previously I don't have to suffer the limitations of a portable system when a dedicated home system could have done the job and like I said people change, 10 years ago I was not thinking in terms of dedicated home systems, now I am.

Hm, I actually feel as though the Wii was more underpowered for it's time than the Switch is. When it comes to the Wii, proper cables are a major necessity if you want to play it on a modern TV. I bought the Wii on launch day, and I had a fairly new HDTV at the time, and with the default cables that came with the box, it made everything look gross on my TV. In fact, I actually had no idea that better cables existed for several years, so I always thought that that was just the way games looked on the system.

The Wii has some awesome games, but in my opinion it's by far the worst console Nintendo has ever made.

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mZuzek said:
This thread is fun.

Thanks, man. That's so encouraging. I think I'm going to make this into a running series. Each week I'll pick a new console.

RaptorChrist said:
mZuzek said:
This thread is fun.

Thanks, man. That's so encouraging. I think I'm going to make this into a running series. Each week I'll pick a new console.

Well, it wasn't exactly a compliment to your thread as much as it was just me having a good time with some of the comments made here, but, sure.

Me personally have not played any new Nintendo games since around 2015 when I traded in my Wii U. I might buy a Switch later on when it's cheaper but I just do not see me playing a lot of Nintendo games. I prefer Sony games. After the Wii U I think of Nintendo as a great developer but will always do their games with little or no story at all. I enjoy great stories and graphics. 


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Define "many".I usually buy Nintendo home consoles, as I have since the N64, but I never own many games for them. I bought the Switch at launch and I have bought 3 games with a 4th currently on its way. I haven't finished either of them. So far I got about as much out of the console as I expected. I'm sure at the end of this gen I will not have bought more than 10 games for the Switch.

My reason is that it's not my main platform and I generally do not enjoy using it. But it has certain games I won't be able to experience anywhere else so I will have to put up with it.

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CrazyGamer2017 said:

You're specifically asking about Nintendo so I'll give you that.

I don't play on Nintendo this generation because I don't like the Switch. I am a gamer that goes for dedicated home consoles, it's just who I am. Others love portables, others do phones etc. Me, I go for dedicated home systems as the hybrid concept does not work for me. I'm not sure why nobody seems to want a dedicated home console from Nintendo as Nintendo's entire gaming history since the NES has had dedicated home systems.

So it is what it is and in the end my returning to Nintendo is entirely up to NIntendo and their willingness to do home systems. So to answer your questions the games are not the issue here for me, it's the hardware.


Megiddo said:

I haven't owned a Nintendo console since the Wii and I haven't owned a Nintendo portable since the Gameboy Color. For my reason why? Steam. I still have an enormous backlog of PC games to play so I don't have the time for any of the major consoles. Nintendo games are great and well-designed, but are not enticing enough to get me to expend the time and to drop money for the console to play them. Nintendo's aversion to providing consumer friendly prices  after games have been out on the market for awhile is a big factor I'd say. I'm a "patient gamer" on PC by playing stuff a year or two old I can spend a tiny fraction of the original cost. But for Nintendo games being a "patient gamer" has no real reward.


Ka-pi96 said:
I haven't played too many. Only really play Pokemon when it comes to Nintendo.

As for why, it's because I don't like their consoles or their games. Weak consoles with no proper account system, no chat, no achievements and half the time they're handheld only which I'm not keen on. As for their games with the exception of Pokemon, Mario Kart and 3D Mario I'm simply not interested in any of them.


Wow, you 3 wrote all the reasons that I'd answer here.

I enjoyed Wii, but Wii U was a disgrace for me. NSW for me is just handheld, which is ok but I don't have many games to play there. I'm trying to make a top 10, but I'm struggling. Since Wii and DS, I've been wanting Nintendo just for Mario, MK, Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Zelda. However, since Wii U, I'm not really keen on Mario and MK anymore. MK8 is brilliant but it's still the same thing over and over again.

Nintendo's also too expensive, their consoles have been lacking all the standard online features that others have and Wii U was a waste of money for me (to be honest, currently I'm enjoying some VC games on it, so Wii U ended up being worth it for me, but not when I early adopted it).

I also don't care about retro games and all those hundreds of indie 2D plats that come out for Nintendo.

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all nintendo for NES and SNES, 64, gamecube. had a nintendo power sub, got the special order form for the golden n64 cartridge of Ocarina of time, and it came with a strategy guide by nintendo, when it finally got to the house, i had some friends come home from middle school wanting to see it. that was so fun and will never be forgotten.

Back in the day when saved points were not around yet. You were lucky to have pause but that was about as close as it got for years.

some things that come to mind for those nintendo systems are: Super Mario series, Zelda games, DK country series, Sim city, sim ant, contra, street fighter II, Jackal, Turok 2 had great couch death match with 4 controller support on N64, punch out, yoshi island, just my go to for many years until gamecube.

Nintendo always had the best hardware as far as longevity besides some dusty old carts. the consoles were solid and lasted and still last for years.

The wii was fun but it was fun with the wii sports, nothing else really resonated with me outside of mario galaxy, mg2. the wii u was ok, for the nintendo games, but nothing pops out at me at the moment typing this.

I still have my virtual boy packed away, many hours and hurting eyes playing that! though probably not in over 15 years since I have set it up and turned it on.

Tons of nostalgia, for the beginning of nintendo and years afterwards, just as I have gotten older, I have really embraced xbox and playstion brands. while the newer stuff just isnt resonating with me like in the past. I would love to relive that excitement with them, that is why I get so down sometimes about what they offer.


I've been playing Nintendo games since before they had a console to put them on. I had Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr. on Colecovision when I was a kid. Got an NES in 1989. And, there hasn't been a year since that I didn't play a Nintendo game on one of their consoles or handhelds. The only thing I skipped was the Virtual Boy.

I'm just not interested in the kind of games that are on nintendo consoles. Everything from the theme, aesthetics, tone, plot and the general genres are off putting to me. Also, there's hardly any third-party party support even from the Japanese devs to offset the lack of interesting first-party games for me. I mainly play alot of rpgs, tactical, Japanese games with mature themes.