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all nintendo for NES and SNES, 64, gamecube. had a nintendo power sub, got the special order form for the golden n64 cartridge of Ocarina of time, and it came with a strategy guide by nintendo, when it finally got to the house, i had some friends come home from middle school wanting to see it. that was so fun and will never be forgotten.

Back in the day when saved points were not around yet. You were lucky to have pause but that was about as close as it got for years.

some things that come to mind for those nintendo systems are: Super Mario series, Zelda games, DK country series, Sim city, sim ant, contra, street fighter II, Jackal, Turok 2 had great couch death match with 4 controller support on N64, punch out, yoshi island, just my go to for many years until gamecube.

Nintendo always had the best hardware as far as longevity besides some dusty old carts. the consoles were solid and lasted and still last for years.

The wii was fun but it was fun with the wii sports, nothing else really resonated with me outside of mario galaxy, mg2. the wii u was ok, for the nintendo games, but nothing pops out at me at the moment typing this.

I still have my virtual boy packed away, many hours and hurting eyes playing that! though probably not in over 15 years since I have set it up and turned it on.

Tons of nostalgia, for the beginning of nintendo and years afterwards, just as I have gotten older, I have really embraced xbox and playstion brands. while the newer stuff just isnt resonating with me like in the past. I would love to relive that excitement with them, that is why I get so down sometimes about what they offer.