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CrazyGamer2017 said:

You're specifically asking about Nintendo so I'll give you that.

I don't play on Nintendo this generation because I don't like the Switch. I am a gamer that goes for dedicated home consoles, it's just who I am. Others love portables, others do phones etc. Me, I go for dedicated home systems as the hybrid concept does not work for me. I'm not sure why nobody seems to want a dedicated home console from Nintendo as Nintendo's entire gaming history since the NES has had dedicated home systems.

So it is what it is and in the end my returning to Nintendo is entirely up to NIntendo and their willingness to do home systems. So to answer your questions the games are not the issue here for me, it's the hardware.


Megiddo said:

I haven't owned a Nintendo console since the Wii and I haven't owned a Nintendo portable since the Gameboy Color. For my reason why? Steam. I still have an enormous backlog of PC games to play so I don't have the time for any of the major consoles. Nintendo games are great and well-designed, but are not enticing enough to get me to expend the time and to drop money for the console to play them. Nintendo's aversion to providing consumer friendly prices  after games have been out on the market for awhile is a big factor I'd say. I'm a "patient gamer" on PC by playing stuff a year or two old I can spend a tiny fraction of the original cost. But for Nintendo games being a "patient gamer" has no real reward.


Ka-pi96 said:
I haven't played too many. Only really play Pokemon when it comes to Nintendo.

As for why, it's because I don't like their consoles or their games. Weak consoles with no proper account system, no chat, no achievements and half the time they're handheld only which I'm not keen on. As for their games with the exception of Pokemon, Mario Kart and 3D Mario I'm simply not interested in any of them.


Wow, you 3 wrote all the reasons that I'd answer here.

I enjoyed Wii, but Wii U was a disgrace for me. NSW for me is just handheld, which is ok but I don't have many games to play there. I'm trying to make a top 10, but I'm struggling. Since Wii and DS, I've been wanting Nintendo just for Mario, MK, Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Zelda. However, since Wii U, I'm not really keen on Mario and MK anymore. MK8 is brilliant but it's still the same thing over and over again.

Nintendo's also too expensive, their consoles have been lacking all the standard online features that others have and Wii U was a waste of money for me (to be honest, currently I'm enjoying some VC games on it, so Wii U ended up being worth it for me, but not when I early adopted it).

I also don't care about retro games and all those hundreds of indie 2D plats that come out for Nintendo.

God bless You.

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