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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Why do we still look forward to Nintendo's E3 directs?

I think it's time to stop getting excited for Nintendo at e3. They constantly drop the ball. And it's weird because I always feel like there is the most hype for their directs. Everyone thinks they will surprise us but they never do. Not since Twilight Princess have they had a good e3 in my opinion. And I say that as someone who was happy with this e3. The new Smash looks to be the best thing ever and smash is my main game I couldn't be happier. Pissed with Links changes he has been my main since 99 but whatever. I will relearn him but that's not the point. Stop complaining about Nintendo's e3 they are done with them that show is meaningless to them. Seriously I see a lot of upset people. I wasn't upset at all but that's because I literally knew it would suck. And I expected smash to look exactly the same but it blew me away.

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Their E3 is now a big direct. Nintendo is ahead of the curve on this one since E3 is is losing significance.

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Ill still be hyped for it. Disappointment is a part of the E3 experience as well.

The fault is not on Nintendo, but on us with our expectations.

They are ahead of the curve with their overall Direct concept because E3 as the main event for gaming is more and more irrelevant each year. From the moment you’ll see their E3 like an other Direct in the numerous Direct they do each year, especially when in today’s world, you don’t need years to hype you products, months and even weeks is more than enough.

Always expect the same kind of content you will see in any direct and the overall experience will be better.

I think their E3s are just at the same level of the regular Directs, so you have to adjust your expectations to that. I'm sure the next one will be better than their presentation here.

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Nintendo don't seem to care about e3 anymore. They easily could have waited and announced smash and Pokemon at e3 and people would have a completely different opinion on there e3.

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I'd say it's because we all love directs, and what is E3 now but a direct we have a date for ahead of time.

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The mini direct in January had far more new announcements than the E3 direct. I think that says it all.

Last year's E3 and the one before that were huge. But otherwise, I do agree that they're basically just extended Directs, and since they do Directs semi-frequently, they just don't have cause to announce much at E3.