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I think it's time to stop getting excited for Nintendo at e3. They constantly drop the ball. And it's weird because I always feel like there is the most hype for their directs. Everyone thinks they will surprise us but they never do. Not since Twilight Princess have they had a good e3 in my opinion. And I say that as someone who was happy with this e3. The new Smash looks to be the best thing ever and smash is my main game I couldn't be happier. Pissed with Links changes he has been my main since 99 but whatever. I will relearn him but that's not the point. Stop complaining about Nintendo's e3 they are done with them that show is meaningless to them. Seriously I see a lot of upset people. I wasn't upset at all but that's because I literally knew it would suck. And I expected smash to look exactly the same but it blew me away.