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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Are games being announced too early?

Bristow9091 said:

Yeah I do think some games are announced WAY too early, but part of the blame lies with the fans themselves for being too impatient to wait until there's sufficient material to show off, so we're drip fed the smallest things to keep us "happy", like maybe a few screenshots or a tweet telling us they're still working on it, or if we're really lucky a trailer... and then we complain because there isn't enough or that it's too long... I guess developers shouldn't cave in so easily and just announce games like 6-12 months before they plan to release them, that way we get plenty of info and such in a shorter period of time and everyone is happy. But then there's always the leaks and such which keep people speculating and expecting new info sooner too, lol.

tl;dr yes some games are announced too early, but I think the fans are just as much to blame as the developers.

How about planning ahead to ensure that each year, there are games released instead of screwing up and only having trailers? That's a concept as well.

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Games are definitely being announced way too early. At most they should only announce it if its 6-8 months from launching. 2 years+ pre-announce of when its going to be released is just annoying. Square is one of the big culprits of this,Sony does it,Microsoft with Crackdown 3 has done it. Also depending on when Yoshi releases, you gotta slap Nintendo with it too. Announced in 2017 and a possible release in TBD 2019,yeah no.

The same goes for stuff like SMT V,first revealed Jan 2017 and has BARELY gone into full development as of feb 2018. This probably won't be releasing till early 2020,that's 3 years announced too early.

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Games like Cyberpunk, FF7 Remake, KH3...were definitely announced way too early.

AlfredoTurkey said:
Considering Nintendo announced Metroid Prime 4 last year and then this year, didn't even mention it... I vote yes.

That not even comparable with something like Cyber Punk, game was announced 5 years ago and game will not be out before 2020. MP4 was announced last year and probably it will be out next or year after next.

They are but sadly this is what sells consoles. I think 2 years maximum is a sweet spot to generate new hype.

Year 1 E3 - show a trailer and maybe some game play
Year 2 E3 - playable on floor
Release at Christmas

If studios planned their release schedules better we wouldn't need long announcements.

The problem is they release all their aces in one hit then we are stuck with droughts, so people want to know what is coming in the future.



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vivster said:
No, they're just developed too slowly.

what kind of comment is this? announce the game when its near completion 


it seems like a lot of game makers dont want to invest in more studios to make more games so they balance out the fact that every few years game are harder and take longer to make


microsoft just got 5 studios. nintendo and Sony need to ramp it up.


the fact that we got 0 games in two E3s in a row from Sony is pathetic. all we got is the same games across like 3 different conferences


its miserable. 

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vivster said:
No, they're just developed too slowly.

This as well. Last gen Bioware made Dragon Age, DA:2 in 1.5 months (although it showed) ME 1, 2 and 3. This gen we've had DA:I and ME: Andromeda, and might finished Anthem. 5 games vs 3.

Last gen 2 Tekken games, gen before, was 3, before that 3. This gen, we'll be lucky if we get 2.


If games were announced 6 months before release, then fine but that won't change the development time.

Hmm, pie.

MasterThief said:

the fact that we got 0 games in two E3s in a row from Sony is pathetic. all we got is the same games across like 3 different conferences

its miserable. 

in 2017 they announced Bravo Team, Hidden Agenda, Horizon expansion, Inpatient, Shadow of the Colossus PS4. This year it was Déraciné and some Playlink titles. Nioh 2 sorta if they are still publishers for outside of Japan like the first game.

0 games in not fact. its fiction.

Anyhow there is a new San Diego studio from Sony (or at least an expansion - either way there will be a new game from them) and of course Manchester Studio was established in 2015 so they have a game that should be ready soonish.

UltimateGamer1982 said:
Be like. resident evil 2 remake. Announce, show release date and and then release 7 months later.

Don’t be like. Ffvii r. Kingdom hearts 3. And announce 4-5 years in advance. Sometimes even announced before active development even starts.

There was 3 years between announcement and the first trailer/release date though. It was announced in 2015. Before active development had even started, so yeah... it should be listed on the "don't be like" section instead.

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Yes especially Final Fantasy 7, Crackdown 3, Shemnue 3 and Metroid Prime 4.

FF7 is again going to be a next gen game for its 2nd time in its history.

Crackdown 3 going through development hell, hopeful Sumo Digital fixes the mess.

Metroid Prime 4 showed nothing but a heasline and nothing for this years E3.. not even a tralier.

Shemnue 3 honestly was a greenlight advertisement which is one of the stupidest announcements iv seen. E3 isnt about donations.