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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Micorosft Studios E3 Expansion - 5 New 1st Party Studios (Ninja Theory, Playground Games, Undead Labs)

Always a shame to see true multi-platform studios gobbled up but I think Ninja Theory has been struggling to remain operational for years. Secure funding should allow them to focus on making games.

I don't know anything about Compulsion. Playground and Undead were basically Microsoft already so I don't see much impact there, not unless this means expansion.

Besides Ninja Theory, the other big piece of news is the new studio. Since it's run by the former head of Crystal Dynamics, does this mean Phil finally gets his own Uncharted? They badly needed a new AAA cornerstone and this looks like a big step in that direction.

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Oh bo ho, some games become exclusive.

That's life, and I'm sure most of you probably pirate Breath of the Wild and Bayonetta 2 on PC anyway so just do that if you are that bummed.

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Bristow9091 said:
Does this mean We Happy Few isn't coming to PS4 now then? o.O

Still a possibility. They're happily keeping up with Minecraft outside of Microsoft platforms.


Kinda sad that Ninja Theory is going exclusive, though I guess I can still play their games on PC at least.

Ninja Theory is big but wierd, NT whole idea with Hellblade was to go full independent then all of a suden they sell to MS, mustve been a ginormous amount of money.

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KazumaKiryu said:

In my opinion: Microsoft should rather develop (more) good own games, instead of buying multi-studios -.-

And how shall they do that without adding more teams? Permanent overtime for the developers they already have?

All of the acquired studios are known for making single player experiences. Forxa and SoD do have a multiplayer component but they are mostly SP games.

Low key best part was MS buying studios. Orgasmed everytime they money hatted a new studio.

Rest in peace Ninja Theory :(

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This is the roadmap xbox needed, it shows they are thinking of the future of xbox.

However new games from these studios wont be out until Xbox Two.