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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - NieR: Automata coming to Xbox One on June 26

I hate this game.

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Aura7541 said:
Hiku said:

Yakuza: Kiwami as well.

1 out of 7 games (and I'm probably forgetting a few) is still pretty damn far from "at this rate".

The events leading up to the fruition of the Yakuza series is very interesting. Sony was the only one that bought into the series' potential.

"At the beginning of the project we spoke to all the platform holders including Sony and Microsoft," he said, "Every platform holder was negative about this prospect, but we kept on pushing because we believed in the potential, and as we kept going one platform holder that showed interest and saw the prospects of this title was Sony.

That's how we started working with them, and that's probably not going to change."

From Eurogamer. The article is old, but I would say it's still relevant to today.

Interesting. I didn't know about that. Saving the article for future reference, thanks.

Hands down the best special edition title in video game history. I hope they'll bring it to Switch next.

LethalP said:
celador said:

they all have a chance, but it's pretty small. most  non-AAA japanese games have remained off of xbox for a reason. though i get that after the last few months you would want them more than ever

Persona 5 is one of the highest rated games of the generation, hailed as one of the best JRPG's of all time. A full price release that sold more than 2 million copies, will go on to sell much more. Why would it not be a good idea to put it on Xbox? Lol if PS looses Persona that would basically be like loosing Bloodborne. They are of equal quality.

Butting in for a second.I just think it makes FAR more sense to port it to Switch first than XBox, not that porting to XOne would be a mistake.Its simply that the market for JRPGs in Nintendo systems is far bigger than the market for such game in a MS system.

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

think-man said:
LudicrousSpeed said:
Great. I’ve almost bought a couple times on PS4 and PC. Will cop the superior Scorpio edition.

I think the PC version will still be the superior version, if you have PC. 

We'll see what happens when DF compares them.


As far as I can see, the PC ver still needs mods to get it running decently, and a texture mod to swap our the very low res textures throughout the game. I doubt the X1 version will come with updated textures though, but performance will be key. 

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Tempting, but the digital only part is really off-putting and quite embarrassing on Squeenix part, if true. Plenty of small games are getting physical releases so there's simply no excuse for games of this caliber to be digital only.

I'm happy people who haven't experienced it will be able to. The game is one of a kind. The topics the story covers, soundtrack, action etc. Really hoping we get a sequel before this gen ends.

BraLoD said:
That name, lol, just great.
But will it be digital only?
Kyuu said:
Hands down the best special edition title in video game history. I hope they'll bring it to Switch next.                             

Yeah, it's amazing lol

I think it's good that more people will have a chance to play this game. I personally LOVE it.

My favorite game of 2017, hope xbox owners support it


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