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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Who is more dependant on E3 this year? Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo?


Who needs to have a good E3 showing?

Sony 6 4.65%
Nintendo 57 44.19%
Microsoft 66 51.16%


They need to continue with their momentum after BoTW and SMO. They are also the only manufacturer expecting 20m for a single console. Clearly they have something up their sleeves.

Sony and MS are pretty predictable, there might be only a single surprise hit from E3. Other than that it would be gameplay from previously revealed games, release dates, and sequel reveals for their main franchises.

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I think Microsoft has the most to prove at E3. Sony and Nintendo do so many other shows throughout the year, Sony with TGS, Parris/Germany, and PSX, and Nintendo with Directs as needed, that they will get the hype when they need it.

Microsoft needs to do something about their first party offerings if they want to be taken serious in the gaming space. I have no fear of Xbox going anywhere as, it is just a closed garden Windows product at this point. But, if they want to keep me in their ecosystem past my Xbox One X's support, they are going to have to do something about their 1st party. First party expereinces are the reason I have PS4/XBO/NSW. If one of them can not deliver their own unique expereinces, then I no longer have any need to continue to buy into their ecosystem.

Three things I would like to see from MS at this E3. A more 1st party games, an Xbox Mobile device, and more Play Anywhere parteners.

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MasonADC said:
Conina said:

Are they?

I'm sure they're gearing up towards it with game production

They are and they are not.

Ps5 release will be mid or end 2020 so we still have a long way to go,sony is working on a big amount of exclusive games,and def more to be announced.


On the other hand,iam highly confident guerrilla ga mes and santa monica studios are already working on ps5 games.

But just like with tlo2 and uncharted the lost legacy even they could be expanding there teams and also working on smaller ps4 games.


In general this gen is far from over,but it is gearing up for the end.


Tlou2 will be a jan-april 2020 release and the last big game for ps4 from sony.


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I feel Sony always need to show a strong presentation. Y'know, for the gamers

The fact Sony isn't at 0 on that poll is bizarre.


The PS5 Exists. 

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Nintendo needs a stromg show as others said. They want to ship 20 million Switch units this year. So I definitely expect some big games to be announced. All be it by a logo.

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Sony’s is pretty much guaranteed to be awesome, as is Nintendo’s. I guess that leaves MS, since this is likely their last E3 to try and prove a point as to why Xbox is even still around.

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Microsoft NEEDs to have a good one (with a roadmap, showing whats happending in 2019,2020).
Nintendo COULD use a good E3, but people know Pokemon, Metroid, Smash, FireEmblem ect will come somepoint.
Sony Basically dont need to do anything at E3 and it ll still have a great year.

Microsoft > Nintendo > Sony  (in terms of dependancy of this E3)

DialgaMarine said:
Sony’s is pretty much guaranteed to be awesome, as is Nintendo’s. I guess that leaves MS, since this is likely their last E3 to try and prove a point as to why Xbox is even still around.

Even Xbox guys are saying this.... saying its make or break time, and they want a roadmap (show things upto 2year away).

Megiddo said:
Not sure why people think Microsoft. Unless you're thinking that this is when they'll announce the Xbox 2 then it really wouldn't fiscally wise for them to load up on anything other than third party games and whatever else they have left (Crackdown?) until the next gen starts.

You expect them to just coast by, on 3rd party for 2 years?
After Age of Empire, Sea of Theives, State of Decay 2,.... and a 2017 that was barren of exclusives.
They need a AAA smash hit... atleast 1st party hit, within the next 2 years, preferably more.

People are loseing faith in the brand, if they dont do anything to fix it, theres people that might not want to invest in a xbox 2.
You cant have 4 "bad" years leading up to a new console, and expect peopel to jump onboard.