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Forums - Music Discussion - What music app(s) do you use?

Started using iTunes back in the day when I had an iPod, never looked back. I also never updated beyond iTunes 10, because I remember everyone saying 11 was crap, so it's basically an mp3 player for whatever I have on my computer. I'm not really into streaming, and certainly not when it comes to music. On mobile, I use Pulse Music Player, it's not the best but it's good enough - it doesn't create any silence between songs, which is the most important thing, 99% of mobile apps get this wrong.

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I have tried a variety of apps, but I mostly just listen to CDs in my car.

I use MusicBee for my library in Windows because of how fast and lightweight it is.

I use PowerAmp for Android because overall it has solid functionality.

I use Spotify occasionally if I wish to discover something.

Spotify and PS4/PS Vita Music Players

Spotify is quite a step back from Sony's old Music Unlimited service, but it gets the job done. Miss having all of my music under one app, with the ability to upload songs for streaming that are not available on the service. Would be nice if they would ever get the PS4 app up to the same level the old Music Unlimited app was, and also unlock all of the premium services I pay for.

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Personal Library: iTunes, soon to change, perhaps Play Music/YouTube Music (for the free cloud storage)
Radio/Discovery: Pandora
Exploring Discographies: Spotify
Following Genres/Making Playlists: YouTube

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I use Winamp on my PC's, sometimes Grooveshark on my TV. I never listen on my phone or on the go, so I don't have Spotify or anything like that, and I'm certainly never touching Tidal (because of the douches that own it).

iTunes with my 160gb iPod classic. I don'y buy digital music, i still buy cd's and burn them for my iPod.

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I just stick with YouTube to listen to music, I don't bother with music apps. 

And good choice in music. 

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I use foobar2000.

iTunes for managing music for my iPod, making playlists etc. Spotify for stuff I don't have, to check out new releases etc.