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Forums - Music Discussion - What music app(s) do you use?

I don't really use anything at the moment. I've been considering a Google Play music subscription lately though. The thing is, I like good sound quality, and the only reasonable way to get that is to stick with CDs. On the other hand, I can use my connected devices in lots of places that I can't use CDs. So, I may bite the bullet and pay $10 per month to listen to poor quality audio.

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The standard one on my iPhone.

Bandcamp is a great app and site if you want to discover unkown artists.

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I was using Spotify semi-regulary for a couple years. Not so much any more. I still buy CD's for collection purposes, and also to support the artists I like ( well, support them better than Spotify does at least ), then I rip them to various devices for the sake of convenience.

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I loved the slick and sleek iTunes a few years back (Mac OS X version). But I find it is clunky, bloated, and convoluted nowadays (at least the Windows 10 version) with like 5 different menu sort options that essentially tell me the exact same information.

I still use iOS, and they basically replaced iTunes with the less sexy Apple Music.

I use Spotify for music nowadays.

I still use iTunes for podcasts and most other media stuff - as I still think it is a great program on that side; it's just garbage for music.

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I use Groove Music on Windows since I love the interface, and for Android I use Retro Music Player. Not a fan of subscriptions so no Spotify or Google Play Music for me (Spotify's interface was horrible too from what I remember).

Ultrashroomz said:
VLC, I guess.

I'll use Spotify if they release the Persona 3, 4, and 5 soundtracks outside of Japan.

You can always just add your local files to your spotify library you know?

The two bottom songs are stuff I have on my computer that I've added to my Spotify library. You can even transfer them to your phone if you have premium.

Mostly VLC, then Avidemux, Audacity, Shazam when VLC isn't the right tool, other stuff less often, if and when needed.

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iTunes since the 2006 iPod days, though everytime there's an update I know it's going to suck more. I wonder which version offers the best balance between the modern and the elegant, not bloated.






I use Spotify for pretty much all my music needs, or if I'm on my computer I'll use YouTube if the song I want to listen to isn't on for some reason,