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Forums - Music Discussion - What music app(s) do you use?

Spotify all the way.

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Recently: MPV.
It works well enough for me, right now.

I'm using Spotify more than anything else. Thinking on shelling out for the monthly subscription, just so I can listen it on my phone without forced shuffle and ads.

I use Spotify.

Spotify, But I would use youtube but don't want to pay for the premiuim app they've just launched.


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haxxiy said:

iTunes since the 2006 iPod days, though everytime there's an update I know it's going to suck more. I wonder which version offers the best balance between the modern and the elegant, not bloated.

I was just thinking about this. iTunes used to be simple, slick, and flashy. Now it seems to be getting bulky with lots of redundancies. Aside from the opposite of Steve Jobs dying, I wonder what the hell happened?


Honestly, I just wish they'd give users the options to have something resembling the older iTunes, especially on mobile.

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Pandora and Soundcloud.