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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo removes DKC Tropical Freeze from Wii U eshop

this seems super petty and a slap in the face to wii u (potential) owners... though there aren’t many of those people left. which is all the more reason why i don’t understand this business move. i guess they wanted to avoid people talking about how the game is $40 cheaper on wii u? but now they have people talking about them removing it from wii u.

what’d they think? as soon as people heard about the cheaper wii u version they would buy a wii u and get that version instead? seems like a ridiculous thought to me.

just an annoying business practice. i don’t like to see nintendo do petty shit like this. makes me worried about their future practices.

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Was considering buying DK, seeing this I will actually hold off until it's on sale or 2nd hand, have enough games on the switch for now to avoid paying 60 for a 20e game.

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Wow, that sucks.

If anything just raise the price back to... $60? Which was never the original price anyway, but well. Still better to go half dick than full dick.

Lol, I think they felt treatned by their own other online store.

Understandable but dishonest at the same time ...

Well, at least I got it when it was 30 bucks with the select edition tag :P

The price point and the port factor will get it to a measly 1M

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Nintendo realized that Tropical Freeze without playable Funky Kong was an abomination, so they decided it'd be best to remove the Wii U version les some unfortunate soul decided to download it.

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And thats why digital only will suck!


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Some real scumbag shit

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Ugh, games should never be removed except for licensing or legal reasons.

This is just sad, there's no good reason to remove it from the WiiU store.

Still available in the EU regions of the eShop:

EA levels of pathetic tbqh