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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo removes DKC Tropical Freeze from Wii U eshop

curl-6 said:

Can't have people noticing that the original costs $20 when you're about to resell it at three times the price...

Thats low... and silly.... removeing the best Wii U platformer the system had.
Nintendo truely dont give a f***, but then again... how many people are gonna buy a Wii U these days?

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Conina said:

Still available in the EU regions of the eShop:

So chances are Donkey Kong is only being pulled in the US cause i checked the Norwegian store on the WiiU itself and it is still there. Or NOE is being slow

If it's still on the EU eShops then it might be something else.

I think OP should add that it's NA eshop only and not all eShops. If it weren't for the fact that it's still up on the EU eShops i'd agree with it likely being a dick move by Nintendo but now I think it might be something else.

To me, that puts the situation in a whole new light :

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Eh, time for the Switch version anyway.

Wow that's really a pathetic move from them. But hey it's Nintendo they will get along with it...

got to get that $60 port out. there is no market for wiiu anyways.


The idea that Nintendo would be threatened by a lower priced Wii U version of a game is pretty weird too tbh. Kind of doesn't make sense since the Wii U version of the other ports are still on the eshop and EU can still download Tropical Freeze.

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Mar1217 said:

To me, that puts the situation in a whole new light :

Thats a really dumb tweet.