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Forums - Sales Discussion - Which company is going to win holidays in the US? EDIT: Poll added


Which company is going to sell the most hardware?

Sony 49 45.37%
Nintendo 56 51.85%
Microsoft 3 2.78%

Sony has a marketing deal with objectively the biggest game releasing this year. RDR2 is going to be the most successful 3rd party deal this generation. Another big game from Sony is Spiderman releasing September 7th. Sony is ensuring this game will have long legs and mindshare during the holidays by releasing 2 movies in this universe alongside: Venom (13 Oct), Spiderverse (7 Dec).

Nintendo is dependent on Smash Bros, unannounced megatons (Pokemon?) and the possibility of Labo being successful. From 3rd parties a portable GTA V could also be very succesful.

Which company is going to dominate the holidays in your opinion? 

EDIT: I'm talking about hardware sales.

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I think it's too early to tell, but my bet is either Sony or Nintendo.

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Way too early to tell. E3 hasn't even happened yet and all 3 will definitely have some more games to reveal that will be released in Q3/Q4.

If Sony has the marketing to Black Ops IIII, I imagine that it'll be them. If Nintendo releases Smash, however, it'll throw a wrench in there.


CGI-Quality said:
If Sony has the marketing to Black Ops IIII, I imagine that it'll be them. If Nintendo releases Smash, however, it'll throw a wrench in there.

Do you think BO4 is going to sell better than RDR2? And yeah, Smash is confirmed for 2018 and probably coming out in September along with the online service. 

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Eh, I’d say let’s wait to predict this until after E3. Cause that’ll be when we know most of the holiday releases/plans/marketing rights etc.

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Wait 2 months and I'll have an opinion to give.

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Eh, no idea. Come back to me around the middle of June.

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Probably not Microsoft. The X1X didn't do it the first year, I don't think making it cheap the next year will help.

If it is a new smash, and not a port(do we know if it is new yet? I don't keep up with smash) that is released during the holidays then probably Switch.

Otherwise probably PS4 with cheap deals.

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