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My bet is on Switch. This is the year that the flood of games and word of mouth will begin paying off for Switch and PS4 is seeing a decline. PS4 numbers will still be high but not high enough to reach last year numbers or beat the next Switch increase. LABO is the wild card here. I’m curious if it will hit like Nintendo is marketing it to. Depends on if it can capture the curiosity of mainstream media, which is sometimes unpredictable. Going into the holdiay, Switch will have Smash, Switch will have Pokemon, Switch might have Animal Crossing, Switch will likely have a slew of 3rd party titles we have yet to see announced, this isn’t talking about Fire Emblem, Wolfenstein, Yoshi, or any other number of titles we know are coming. This will be the year the Switch becomes real to everyone.

Yes I know RDR2 and Spider-Man are going to be big, but keep in mind too that the price drops of last holiday really pushed the envelope on PS4 adoption. It’s more likely most people going to play these games already have a PS4. Now predicting how much each of those titles will sell is going to be fun too.

Last edited by zygote - on 11 April 2018