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Forums - Sales Discussion - Which company is going to win holidays in the US? EDIT: Poll added


Which company is going to sell the most hardware?

Sony 49 45.37%
Nintendo 56 51.85%
Microsoft 3 2.78%

Yeesh. I still have my Halloween decorations up. There's still much to be determined. Announcements. Cancellations. Donald Trump. Too early to call.

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super_etecoon said:
CGI-Quality said:

Eh, there's nothing wrong with speculating. No different than 'how much will 'x' game sell'. It's fun to look forward (especially since we're on a site that tracks numbers).

We're on a site that tracks numbers of products.  These are products that have been released.  We are also a site that speculates on numbers...for products that have been announced.  Holiday 2018 will certainly take place, but what products will be released in that time we have zero idea about.  We don't even know if Smash is a port or a new game.  We don't know if Pokemon will release or if there is an Animal Crossing game coming down the pike.  The only real way to answer this hypothetical is based on brand loyalty and general company momentum, not the products that will release.  And those products are what truly matter since we can all agree that games sell consoles. Fine, it makes for a valid thread, but not one for serious speculation.  And that's the point of my response. My answer is barely valid...I can't support it with any logic or evidence and I wouldn't award anyone a prize or plate of crow for being right or wrong.  

People can answer the question based on known variables (marketing deals, release dates for big games) and history. Saying it's just based on brand loyalty or "favoritism" removes the real discussion that can take place. One could always choose not to participate, but the discussion will go on for those that want to have it.



It will be close just like last year. However I expect all 3 consoles to be down compared to 2017, because 2017 was an exceptionally good year for hardware sales. I think PS4 will be the top selling console, but if you are going by company Switch + 3DS will outsell PS4 + Vita. Either way it will be close.

I'd say PS4 has the best chance, but it's still possible for Nintendo to have a few hit games announced later for the holidays, and the US is XBox's strongest market, so either of them have a chance to take it. I'm still betting on Sony though.



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As long as there is enough stock PS4 at $199 will easily crush everything. Just look at last November.

COKTOE said:
Yeesh. I still have my Halloween decorations up. There's still much to be determined. Announcements. Cancellations. Donald Trump. Too early to call.

lol, This

Was it Xbox One who won last year? I think someone posted that Xbox One sold the most in oct, nov and dec combined.

If Pokemon releases then maybe Nintendo

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Honestly at this point I think it's safe to assume either Sony or Nintendo will be in first place... then again it depends what happens at E3, Microsoft could have some tricks up their sleeve!

Come on where is the poll .

On topic, From game lines up for now , easily SONY.