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Forums - Sony Discussion - Rumor: PS5 Could Be Releasing This Year. Big Focus on VR and More Details.

Not while PS4 is still printing money...

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Megiddo said:
Having Dev kits go out early just means that Sony wants a strong launch lineup for PS5. I'm still expecting holiday 2020 for PS5 launch.

Based on rumors im starting to 2019 is more likely. We started hearing about dev kits going out late 2017 and i think it would be weird for devkits to go out 3 years before a console launched. We started hearing that PS4 and XBO devkits goign out in 2011 and they launched 2013.

Yes, and the PS4 was barren of big releases for the most part for its launch. Sony wants to avoid that again I'm pretty sure. It makes sense to allow devs more time for their next console, especially since they absolutely dominated this generation so they can afford it.

lol ya, not happening. Sony is just dominating this gen. There is absolutely no need for Sony to do this unless they want to cut their own sales short.

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twintail said:
Reads to me that a 2018 release is possible if Sony wanted it to be. But obviously that isn't happening.

Yeah that was my thought as well.

If for some reason things go pear shaped with the PS4 in the next 6 months they can launch a new console.

Releasing the PS5 this year would be one of the stupidest decision Sony would make, I dare to say even 2019 would be damn too early. Killing the leader console at its peak just like that? Yeah sorry, no way I can believe that.

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Unlikely it will come out this year, especially how well the PS4 is doing. I'm sure they want to refresh the hardware to avoid stagnation, but they don't want to throw a wrench into the cog. I think it will be a 2020 announcement at E3 and release subsequently later than year.

Yeah, that's just not going to happen. There's really no need when the PS4 has been getting into its stride, especially this year.



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Next year was already ready unlikely, but this year? No way in hell.