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Forums - Sony Discussion - Can Sony "SHOCK" us at the E3 2018?

is there a possibility that sony could suprise us at E3 with big games? we know that we can't expect much from first party devs, as we know already from the games at this only new trailers from games we know? but what about big third party exclusive deals? resident evil 2 remake or devil may cry 5 for ps4? a big jrpg from sony japan? bloodborne 2? what would sony need to do for you to make it unforgettable?


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I expect their big surprise would have been the Spyro trilogy remake. But now that there's already rumours swirling around that there won't really be any shock from it anymore.

Devil may cry 5 + Spyro trilogy remake are heavily rumored.
To shock they would need to do something more than that.

When was the last time anybody was really SHOCKED at anybody's E3?

For me, it's the PS4 reveal, and that is a damn long while.

sorry but none of these are shocking and this wouldn't be Sony anyway.

Do I think Sony can shock us. hard because we already got the biggest IPs, horizon , last of us 2 already announced

god of war is coming. whats left of big ips? not much. besides the next from software who knows if thats an exclusive anyway tho its highly likely.

they would have to announce a lot of exclusives to shock us because outside of from software game there isn't a *whamp* in your face title they have right now. we already know what every single one of their studios is working on.

it would have to be a 3rd party exclusive or outsourced single party ip or something.

we might see a new ratchet and clank, remake of the second game. and a gameplay demo of the medievil remake. possibly they might announce remakes of other older titles like legend of dragoon that would be cool.

tho we probably won't see anything from square enix. yeah I don't see a surprise tho I hope its better than last years E3 that was awful tho they redeemed themselves in PGW


it would be cool if they announce sunset overdrive 2 as PS4 exclusive.

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ZODIARKrebirth said:



Either of these and Id be Shocked.

JRPGfan said:
ZODIARKrebirth said:



Either of these and Id be Shocked.

for sure not the only one😉

While I don't expect it, I would LOVE a Modnation Racers sequel. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN DAMMIT WHYYYYYYYYYY.

I dont know what Sony would need to show to shock me, but TLoU2 will probably be at E3 so will be strong show for Sony in any case.

I think it will be very hard to shock us, but I think they have the tools to please us.

Legend of Dragoon is the only thing out their thing that I think would be able to create some crazy buzz. We have already either recieved, had an announcement, or pretty solid leaks around the rest of their very popular I.P. that had been missing in action.

Two things that I would get really excited about are Killzone VR and Motorstorm VR. I know that Guerrilla just came off Horizon and Evolution went to codemasters, but that is what would make these a bit shocking.

At any rate, I think an announcement of a AAA FPS for PSVR would be a pretty big announcement for E3.

Another thing would be if RDR2 was playable start to finish in PSVR.

I think that PSVR is really the key. It is going to be really hard to shock people in the classic gaming space, as PS4 has deliver so much there already. Showing commitment to the VR space in a strong way would really be a wake up moment for a larger audience.

The other thing that could shock is new hardware. A new PSVR, a PS Mobile devices, or something else. This is extremely unlikely, but that is what would make it the biggest shock.

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