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I think it will be very hard to shock us, but I think they have the tools to please us.

Legend of Dragoon is the only thing out their thing that I think would be able to create some crazy buzz. We have already either recieved, had an announcement, or pretty solid leaks around the rest of their very popular I.P. that had been missing in action.

Two things that I would get really excited about are Killzone VR and Motorstorm VR. I know that Guerrilla just came off Horizon and Evolution went to codemasters, but that is what would make these a bit shocking.

At any rate, I think an announcement of a AAA FPS for PSVR would be a pretty big announcement for E3.

Another thing would be if RDR2 was playable start to finish in PSVR.

I think that PSVR is really the key. It is going to be really hard to shock people in the classic gaming space, as PS4 has deliver so much there already. Showing commitment to the VR space in a strong way would really be a wake up moment for a larger audience.

The other thing that could shock is new hardware. A new PSVR, a PS Mobile devices, or something else. This is extremely unlikely, but that is what would make it the biggest shock.

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