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Forums - Sony Discussion - Can Sony "SHOCK" us at the E3 2018?

Yea. By not attending.

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After FFVII, Shenmue III and The Last Guardian, there's probably not much they could do to shock me realistically.

But if I saw a Chrono Trigger sequel, consider me shook.
Maybe a new Suikoden and Shadow Hearts as well.

Azuren said:
I think Sony would shock the most with LoD2/remake or a 2018 release date for FFVIIR.

You are starting to suck less, it seems.

I don't want them to shock me I just want information on stuff we already know about. Release dates for Spiderman, resident evil 2, the last of us 2 and death stranding would get me more excited than just about any surprise they can muster

COKTOE said:


KLAMarine said:

Poison bread?

I'm exaggerating a bit, but it was a mild scandal. I remember Jon Stewart going off about how the media was giving the story little to no coverage when they did a story about it on The Daily Show. A fair amount of people have never heard about it.

Yeah, I'd advise against listening to the "Food Babe". She once thought we breathe pure oxygen.

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Xen said:
When was the last time anybody was really SHOCKED at anybody's E3?

For me, it's the PS4 reveal, and that is a damn long while.

The E3 with FF7 Remake, Shenmue 3, and The Last Guardian. 

OT: They could announce a new system. That would be pretty unexpected. 

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Their e3's need to stop being sequels to the last one and stop being prequels to the next one.

The only thing that would shock me is Agent being alive. And we know that's not gonna happen.

Actually, a Chrono Break announcement would be pretty hype for me, haha.



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Well if they anounce LOD remake or sequel then yeah but lets be honest... there is a higher chance of me winning the loterry again than LOD getting any attention from Sony.

Perhaps the biggest thing they could anounce is Bloodborne 2 (if thats what that old teaser was about), and we are likely to get DMC 5 but thats a Capcom thing and it wont be exclusive.