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sorry but none of these are shocking and this wouldn't be Sony anyway.

Do I think Sony can shock us. hard because we already got the biggest IPs, horizon , last of us 2 already announced

god of war is coming. whats left of big ips? not much. besides the next from software who knows if thats an exclusive anyway tho its highly likely.

they would have to announce a lot of exclusives to shock us because outside of from software game there isn't a *whamp* in your face title they have right now. we already know what every single one of their studios is working on.

it would have to be a 3rd party exclusive or outsourced single party ip or something.

we might see a new ratchet and clank, remake of the second game. and a gameplay demo of the medievil remake. possibly they might announce remakes of other older titles like legend of dragoon that would be cool.

tho we probably won't see anything from square enix. yeah I don't see a surprise tho I hope its better than last years E3 that was awful tho they redeemed themselves in PGW


it would be cool if they announce sunset overdrive 2 as PS4 exclusive.