Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Why is everybody ignoring how disappointing the new NMH looks?

When the OP started saying "Wii" the thread should have been locked.

Also, I think the game looks fun so far.

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Even if the minigames were the entire game, is that really a bad thing? I mean, the first game was basically a mini-game collection with some boring filler stuffed in between. The open world of Santa Destroy was far from the draw of that game (and while I haven't played NMH2, didn't they already remove most of that stuff anyways). The draw has pretty much always been the style and the bosses, both of which look to be maintained in this release.

I'd be interested in playing what we've seen so far, and I'm even more interested to see what else is to come.

HintHRO said:

I remember the hype and headlines when a new NMH for Switch was announced with a typical over the top Suda 51 trailer. Now this mini-game garbage with Wii graphics shows up and everybody pretends it's not big deal. Is negative Switch news even allowed here?

Wii graphic... OK, oh wait you are serious, Hahahahahahahahahahahaha

(Copy/paste from my comment in the news section)

The action and perspective that was shown appears quite different from the previous games. I also wonder if this one is open world like the other games. I rather enjoyed goofing around in Travis' apartment, and getting from one part of town to another with his motorcycle. (Although the controls could have been better.)

But it could still end up having a lot of elements from the previous games in the Adventure Mode they mentioned, so I wouldn't jump to conclusions about the game just yet.

TheWPCTraveler said:
pokoko said:
It's an exclusive, isn't it? That's like a +10 rating bonus.

It also got overshadowed by the Smash reveal at the very end.

That reveal was like the silver bullet Nintendo used to kill cries of "WHY IS THIS ON 3DS?!" and "MORE PORTS?!"

It really did for me lmao. I don’t ports, I just don’t like that they’re porting almost every big exclusive Wii U game to Switch. Like in this direct, there was mainly port anouncements, but when they announced smash, It literally made me think “who cares about all these ports, new smash!” Hell even if the smash is a port, I won’t mind as long as it combine some everything from Wii U and 3DS! Lol

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Eh, I'll take it at the right price. Also, I'm willing to forgive almost anything if Shinobu is a big player.

I need more Shinobu in my life.

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i was confused it seems like some are suggesting these are minigames and not the actual story, others are saying this was never more than a cute spinoff.

Either way some confusing marketing and underwelming gameplay reveal, but its all relative to your expectation i guess

Is it still in development? Pre-alpha maybe? Anyway, who needs it, Yakuza 6 looks miles better.


China Numba wan!!

I love Suda so I have no worries. This will turn out to be good.

pokoko said:
It's an exclusive, isn't it? That's like a +10 rating bonus.

This comment backfired so hard that now sony threads are lala lands.

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