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PwerlvlAmy said:
alternine said:
Cant talk bad about Nintendo games here. Come on man elementary stuff lol

I always thought that was Sony :O

Considering your post history, I find it quite hard to believe that you feel you can't talk bad about Sony on VGC. After all, you've managed to do just that perfectly fine.

E.g. I remember you (and so so many others) badmouthing Sony when they announced PS4 ports of The Last of Us and God of War 3. You said that only games older than 10 years should get remade and that users buying TLOUR are dumb.

160rmf said:
PwerlvlAmy said:

I always thought that was Sony :O

Me too. Every time I lurk in a specific Sony thread(that doesn't make pointless comparisons with other companies for bait material) is like a walk in LaLa land

You seriously believe that Sony threads are any more one-sided than Nintendo threads?

A huge part of your post history is badmouthing Sony. If anything's like a walk in La La Land it's most certainly not because of you.


You people would be better off just focussing on the games you enjoy. Life's too short to waste hating on a piece of plastic.

Last edited by Replicant - on 11 March 2018