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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Why is everybody ignoring how disappointing the new NMH looks?

I remember the hype and headlines when a new NMH for Switch was announced with a typical over the top Suda 51 trailer. Now this mini-game garbage with Wii graphics shows up and everybody pretends it's not big deal. Is negative Switch news even allowed here?

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It needs more Coconut Collecting, or it won't be a real NMH game. ;)

I don't think you know what Wii games look like.

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RolStoppable said:
It's because people grasp that the game offers usual No More Heroes stuff on top of the seven virtual video games.

So the ''usual No More Heroes stuff'', where is it? 

"Did we mention the adventure mode, which tells a new story?"

Yes you did, but the OT didn't even bother to watch the video before spewing random stuff about "mini-game garbage".

And you need to have an idea of what a Wii game looks like, before resorting to statements that make you sound ridiculous, son.

Here, let me jog your memory:

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It's an exclusive, isn't it? That's like a +10 rating bonus.

pokoko said:
It's an exclusive, isn't it? That's like a +10 rating bonus.

It also got overshadowed by the Smash reveal at the very end.

That reveal was like the silver bullet Nintendo used to kill cries of "WHY IS THIS ON 3DS?!" and "MORE PORTS?!"



Negative nintendo talk isn't allowed here. I think the game looks awesome and will sell 5m lifetime.

They said the game will have a story mode so I expect that to be more similar to the first two games, still we already knew this would be a more scaled down game that was needed as a setup for NMH3 since Suda said it himself

Cant talk bad about Nintendo games here. Come on man elementary stuff lol

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