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I'm hoping Detroit Become Human gets some Heavy Sales.

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Looks like it is going to be more like Heavy Rain than Beyond Two Souls, which is a good thing.

melbye said:
Looks like it is going to be more like Heavy Rain than Beyond Two Souls, which is a good thing.

The developers said interesting things in the last months:

1. Detroit Become Human is Quantic Dream's biggest game project of all time.
2. The game will have more gameplay options / features than the other studio-games.
3. A lot of money, love and work has been invested in the game. The developers said that all categories are very important. (Gameplay, Story and Emotions, Atmosphere and Soundtrack, Graphic ect).
3. "Detroit Become Human" is more like "Heavy Rain" than "Beyond Two Souls".

Now, I do not read more about the game and I do not watch any more trailers. Because I will buy this game on the first day <3

When you see the ps4 matching or besting the Switch each week and people ask what is the reason for the continued sales.... you just have to point at the stream of games like this and GoW which aren't really appearing anywhere else.

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I'm looking forward to giving Detroit a try! I've considered myself something of a fan of David Cage's work since I played Heavy Rain a number of years ago. Loved that game! Also enjoyed Beyond: Two Souls and Indigo Prophecy.

These things said, I also feel like I've been spoiled over the last five years of so by the wonderful assortment of stories we've seen come out of the indie community, to the point that David Cage's titles now seem a little narratively primitive compared to many of the options out in there in gaming, to me. As I've scoured the trailers for Detroit: Become Human since its announcement in late 2015, the first one, revolving around Kara, had my interest very much piqued. But then the ones about Connor and his damsel in distress scenario and generic black guy Markus came out and I couldn't help but feel like things were starting to look a little cliched. When I saw those two, I couldn't help but, in each case, start to feel like maybe I'd outgrown some aspects of Cage's style in recent years. I hope these characters all turn out to be as multi-dimensional as the title of this game suggests they should be.

Still, the premise has real potential and the first trailer still gets me. I'm not foreseeing this becoming my favorite game of the year, but I am definitely going to give it a shot.

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I can't pretend that I'm all that hyped up about Detroit. I'm going to wait and see what the reviews say about the game before I even consider getting it. David Cage has always made games that look great, but they've always had issues in other areas, most notably in terms of storytelling and overall plot.

I feel as if the graphics have improved:


The PS5 Exists. 

You can return to key moments in a chapter. I've only got a screen but evidently this is what was being discussed. You can also check the statistics to see what other players chose:


The PS5 Exists. 

After "God of War" already appears the next masterpiece with this game. What I find particularly fantastic is that the developers and sony attach great importance to interesting characters, emotions and exciting dialogues(story) - combined with varied gameplay, beautiful graphics and much love to detail. And I am especially looking forward to the soundtracks :)

#I love singleplayer games
and the developers deserve great success for their effort and this quality-production. Hope the best (sales figures) :)

frome the visuals it looks really amazing