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Forums - Sony Discussion - Detroit: Become OFFICIAL

Kerotan said:
I'd say you are happy with the ps4 Pro support for this one CGI.



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ING first:


The PS5 Exists. 

zippy said:
KazumaKiryu said:

The production costs are high, great attention to detail (story, gameplay, characters, atmosphere, dialogues, the worlds) - that will be fantastic!

I enjoyed both Heavy Rain and Beyond two souls and this looks set to top both of those.

i too :) Yes, I'm sure.

Kerotan said:

I'm getting god of war day 1 (..) Still I'm hyped.

amazing reviews, have fun = )


The PS5 Exists. 

GribbleGrunger said:

the music-details sounds very interesting -here is an overview of the game: (maybe a spoiler - only read it if you know the number of playable characters)

"In Detroit: Become Human, players will be able to control three very unique characters. Although Kara, Connor and Markus are all androids, they are of different makes and have a very different background and function in society. To emphasize these three very different stories, we decided to entrust the original soundtrack to three composers with the aim to create distinct musical colors fitting our main characters’ identities and to sustain their individual arc".

"To stress Connor’s very cold and mechanical behavior, we chose a primarily electronic soundtrack. For Kara, we wanted a music that would be emotional and moving, underlining her quest for identity, love and empathy. For Markus, we needed a soundtrack that would be epic and represent the grand aspect of his journey. Detroit: Become Human will launch for the PlayStation 4 on May 25".

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Really looking forward to this one after playing it a bit at PSX. Definitely one of the titles I'm most interested in with the recent PS4 releases.

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from what i have seen from this game til now reall impressed me...

I'm hoping Detroit Become Human gets some Heavy Sales.

Looks like it is going to be more like Heavy Rain than Beyond Two Souls, which is a good thing.

melbye said:
Looks like it is going to be more like Heavy Rain than Beyond Two Souls, which is a good thing.

The developers said interesting things in the last months:

1. Detroit Become Human is Quantic Dream's biggest game project of all time.
2. The game will have more gameplay options / features than the other studio-games.
3. A lot of money, love and work has been invested in the game. The developers said that all categories are very important. (Gameplay, Story and Emotions, Atmosphere and Soundtrack, Graphic ect).
3. "Detroit Become Human" is more like "Heavy Rain" than "Beyond Two Souls".

Now, I do not read more about the game and I do not watch any more trailers. Because I will buy this game on the first day <3