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CGI, somehow I knew this game would be right up your alley.

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It looks sooooo intense on an emotional level. I'm a bit worried it'll be too much for me. No foolin'. Buying it, but might need to play it in small sessions with plenty of Pac-Man Championship Edition breaks.

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The PS5 Exists. 

Hopeful for this game. Loved the tech demo, love the setting, and the footage looks good so far.

They aren't lying about every action "having a consequence", the game itself looks mighty beautiful and interesting so hopefully it will review much better than their last work ... (let's see if they'll accept the concept and the content too)

It's great to have many detailed paths ...

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I'm on this like white on rice. Always great having a game likw-this to play every couple of years.

Even better using this to detox after GOW.

I just hope the writing is better than previous games. I liked HR but cringed repeatedly at a lot of the cliqued lines peppered throughout. Cage is NOT a good writer by any stretch of the imagination and his focus on emotion leads to many scenes set up with the sole intention of creating some kind of emotional reaction. It's almost as if the narrative, characters, dialogue don't really matter; what matters is 'at the end of this section' I want people to cry or laugh. That is NOT how good writing works. It's the narrative, characters and dialogue that make any emotional payoff feel legitimate. I forever feel manipulated when playing a Cage game. 


The PS5 Exists. 

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But really, it does sound nice. Hope the story is solid, this kind of cinematic games live or die by the story, and no amount of graphical detail can change that.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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It does take a lot of work to make a truly branching game, where the decisions have significant impact on the following events. I am interested to see how Detroit handles this.

It's unfortunate there does not seem there will be a collector's or even just limited or deluxe edition of this game. I don't really understand why Quantic Dream games are usually released barebones. At least, release an art book or something to go along with it.

Heavy Rain was such a surprise to me. I didn't play it until last year, but the game left a lasting impression on me. It stayed with me for weeks. It was a relatively short but very intense experience. I'd gladly take more experiences like that than games that boast "hundreds of hours" of gameplay, since we all know that those hours will be filled with filler and busy-work. At my age, I prefer quick intense experiences or short casual games like Mario Kart rather than long drawn-out filler-filled experiences.

Have high expectations, hope I won't be disappointed.