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Forums - Sony Discussion - Detroit: Become OFFICIAL

zippy said:
Im getting this, it looks great.

That was the first "Kara-Teaser" in the past. I am very emotionally touched. For me the best teaser and I am looking forward to next week - finally "Detroit Become Human" appears, i'm so happy now : )

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John2290 said:
5 days. Not feeling it yet, any early reviews/thoughts out there that slipped past the cracks?


It got a 9/10 :)

Predicted 15+ million lifetime-sales for God of War:

Countdown to Launch | PlayStation Store

Detroit: Become Human: Shorts – The Interview (Kamski)

Launch Trailer | PS4

With the new series of Humans starting this month (first episode last week) this game couldn't have released at a better time.


The PS5 Exists. 

Detroit: Become Human - Shorts: Chloe

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Game seem to be a true eye candy.

Loved the gif you posted, so believable... And as always QD making fantastic face models.

I like their games and I'm excited... also would like they to launch that demo from PS4 reveal =p

Do we expect QD to finally hit home run and also make very strong sales surpassing HR?

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Gotta say, I never much liked Cage's previous games, but this seems really interesting. Existentialism is a terrific subject and the gameplay looks rather compelling, it's at the very least a fresh breath of air amidst all the open world games, shooters and seemingly endless HD remakes and re-releases and remasters we keep getting. I think I'm going to buy this one.

Holding the review embargo for a game like this until the very end seems really dumb unless they're not super confident in it. Could really use the good reviews to boost pre-release hype and awareness.

these games always look cool and good, but has not really "hit the spot" to keep going to finish or go back, Quantic Dream devs, like this reminds me of heavy rain.

i will be interested to hear some reviews on it, or a rental first type thing. if its really good i would buy it.


The teasers and Tech Demos for these games are unreal!

David Cage knows how to tug at your emotions in small bursts. The new "Chloe" teaser now has me super pumped and cannot stand this wait for tomorrow.




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