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Great mhw and ps4 sales..


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Not good numbers for Bayonetta.

Megiddo said:
I agree. I just wish Nintendo was a little bit more visible about their future plans so I could see just where they think the momentum will build up from. But they've shown to be very capable with the Switch so I guess we'll just have to wait and see what they have planned.

@All I do apologize, I was just attempting an estimate. I do realize that holidays will drive up sales, but Japan has so far (according to VG Chartz) accounted for around a quarter of the Switch's sales. So expecting 4-5 million of the 20 million goal to be from Japan isn't unrealistic I don't think.

I also wish Nintendo would be more transparent about their major titles for this year - that strategy worked well last year, it was clear from January what most of the major titles were, and there was still plenty of room for new announcements from Nintendo and, moreso, third parties to flesh the release schedule out. Labo is quite clearly a big test for Nintendo and Switch, but not a crucial one. If it flops, Switch is already well-established and still has a number of system-selling titles pushing hardware sales - I expect that's why Labo is out in April, at the start of the financial year. If it flops, they have time to bring projects forward and adjust. If it succeeds, then great, the new financial year is off to a strong start.

Personally I suspect Nintendo do have more big titles planned - and safer bets than Labo, which remains something of an unknown quantity. I would guess they'll be pushing to have Pokemon out the door in time for Christmas, with (potentially) a new Animal Crossing and Smash Bros 4 DX out before then. Right now roughly ~15% of the year has passed, and Nintendo are around 10% towards the lower-end of where they'd need Japanese sales to be. With holidays and software boosts to come, that's not a bad position to be in.

Hardware Sales
W1 93,356
W2 52,939
W3 42,462
W4 34,688
W5 24,658

W1 140,145
W2 109,287
W3  71,306
W4  49,502

Is it about 40,000 next week?

couchmonkey said:
@Bayonetta comments: maybe Japan just doesn't like buying the same game over and over again?

Nice job Monster Hunter, also great legs on Splatoon 2 and Mario Kart.

If that were then true Monster Hunter would have died out years ago

Street Fighter too actually

And Dynasty Warriors

Bet Shiken that COD would outsell Battlefield in 2018.

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I just noticed how crazy Splatoon legs are! When is the next game that will do something like that?

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Relatively to Bayo's number, it's still just a port. It doesn't mean Bayo 3 won't be able to do 100K near if they market it right.

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JRPGfan said:
The narrative that all software just instantly sells well on the switch.... wasnt true for Bayonetta 1+2 in japan.
A shame because the port looks well done too, and their great games.

PS4 at ~50k hardware, is decent but a slightly bigger drop than I thought it would have.
Still compaired to the 39k of the Switch, it looks strong.

The other Narrative is that Switch games have good legs. Bayonetta may reach 100k+ in Japan 

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Jranation said:
I just noticed how crazy Splatoon legs are! When is the next game that will do something like that?

Yeah, I think people take for granted that Splatoon is selling great in Japan, but if pay attention, Splatoon 2 was launched 7 months ago and it's still constantly in top 5 selling games in Japan, and game sales around half of number of sold Switch units on week base (so still have around 50% attach rate on weekly sale basis). That's quite impressive.

Shadow of the Colossus then and now:

SotC (PS2): FW = ? Lifetime: 200k
SotC (PS3): FW = 102k Lifetime = 170k
SotC (PS4): FW = 21k

Bayonetta then and now:

Bayo1 (PS3/X360): FW = 138k + 64k. Lifetime = 210k + 90k
Bayo2 (Wii U): FW = 37k. Lifetime = 100k
Bayo2 (Switch): FW = 20k!!