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Megiddo said:

It's going to be difficult for the Switch to hit 20 million next fiscal year with a 40-50k weekly average in Japan. I believe that's roughly 2-2.5 million for a year in one of its strongest regions. Hope it has some big plans for the second half of 2018 to be able to reach such a bold goal.

Yeah, but I think it's also partly due to the lack of the Japanese Blockbusters like Pokémon or Fire Emblem plus those from third party developers who where hesitant at first. When these will be out and no stock issues holding the console back then I think it will make at least 80k weeks, if not 100k

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I agree. I just wish Nintendo was a little bit more visible about their future plans so I could see just where they think the momentum will build up from. But they've shown to be very capable with the Switch so I guess we'll just have to wait and see what they have planned.

@All I do apologize, I was just attempting an estimate. I do realize that holidays will drive up sales, but Japan has so far (according to VG Chartz) accounted for around a quarter of the Switch's sales. So expecting 4-5 million of the 20 million goal to be from Japan isn't unrealistic I don't think.

Damn poor Bayonetta! Switch just hanging on that 40k. But the Switch softwares are doing great. Especially to Mario and Rabbids!

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The narrative that all software just instantly sells well on the switch.... wasnt true for Bayonetta 1+2 in japan.
A shame because the port looks well done too, and their great games.

PS4 at ~50k hardware, is decent but a slightly bigger drop than I thought it would have.
Still compaired to the 39k of the Switch, it looks strong.

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Shadow1980 said:

PS4 has sold more Units in japan so far in 2018 than the Switch? or am I just reading the chart incorrectly?

PwerlvlAmy said:
AntonTeiosanu said:
The PS4 has already lost its lead. Well R.I.P.

whatcha talking about, they're up again this week due to the continued MHW bump. Still have the lead for this week

Yeah PS4 keeps trucking. MHW doing well for them. Another hit title like this would be good for the very near future.

Bad start for Secret of Mana. Does anyone know why the user score for the game is so low?

Shadow of the Colossus and Bayonetta back-to-back.
Next week: Metal Gear "Survive" joins the gang.


JRPGfan said:

PS4 has sold more Units in japan so far in 2018 than the Switch? or am I just reading the chart incorrectly?

There's a table in the OP that contains year to date sales for all consoles. PS4 is at 558k, Switch at 405k.

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