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which will reach 100m faster?

PS4 94 70.68%
Switch 39 29.32%

100million is long way for Switch. I am not sure it will reach it.


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CGI-Quality said:
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Switch if it reaches it will do it faster, even though I think ps4 will end up selling more

ps4's first year was 400 and with no big exclusives

How can Nintendo beat PS4 to 100m? PS4 is almost there. Could PS4 beat PS2 in total? That's the real question.

Edit: Just saw it's aligned. But still, I don't even think Switch can reach 100 million.

PS4 for me. I just don't see the Switch having the longevity that the PS4 has had and continues to have.

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PS4. Doubt that Switch will reach 100M.


then Switch

I thinks is a bit early to call since we don't really have a lot of Switch data. What we do know is that it is already ahead when launch-aligned. However, we can't really know if it isn't going to nosedive like the Wii.

Even breaking the 100M barrier can be a bit of a problem for the NS since it probably can't reach the casuals like Wii/DS, so it could end up topping at 90 something (3DS + Wii U). I'm not saying it won't do it, but it's still early to call that.

The PS4 on the other hand is guaranteed to do it. It may not be the fastest, but it is extremely constant. 100M units is more like a marathon instead of a sprint race, so I believe the PS4 has a best shot of reaching it first, even if the other situation wouldn't really surprise me at all.


Lol @ 'Switch won't reach 100M'.

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PS4. Switch won't reach 100m.