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Forums - Sony Discussion - Which Sony console introduced the best Sony IPs



PS1 15 16.67%
PS2 30 33.33%
PS3 32 35.56%
PS4 13 14.44%
AngryLittleAlchemist said:

Quality is subjective though I feel PS3 had both.

What does that even mean? You asked for people's opinion, someone answered your question with their opinion, and then you said "but that's an opinion" - and then responded with an opinion. What's your point? 

Edit: Unless you're saying "Quality is subjective, though" in which case, I apologize. 

Personally for me having Bloodborne and Horizon is already a big nod off to PS4 ... I love those games and I think Horizon should be one of the future headlines for Playstation. I also think that The Last Guardian was quite good.

Yeah that was my point.

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Yeah that was my point.

Sorry xD I have had bad experiences with opinions on this site. My bad, too quick to jump

I'll admit too, I haven't played EVERY PS3 game on that list either. So I really can't say for sure. Love the new IPs on PS4 though

PS1/2, In all their Gran Turismo, Ratchet and Clank, Jak & Daxter, Medievil, Dark Cloud, TLoD, glories!

Honorable mention goes to Infamous, though!

For me PS3. Before then I played few 1st party titles.

Resident Evil not ps1?

Ace Combat is

Xeno series is 

Final Fantasy Tactics is

Suikoden series is 

Wild Arms also started on the ps1


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Ajax said:
Resident Evil not ps1?

Ace Combat is

Neither one belongs to Sony, so... yeah

How many PS1 IPs are still selling well? If a first party IP can't make it more than one generation, how good can it be? GT is the only first party IP I can think of that's stood the test of time from PS1 until now.

A toss-up between the PS2 and PS3.

PS3 by a landslide!

None of the PS1/2 franchises really appeal to me. The one exception would be Killzone but the PS2 entry was utter rubbish, I'm shocked they actually made a sequel rather than scrapping it, glad they did though because Killzone 2, 3 and Shadow Fall were all great games. Same with the PS4, couldn't give a shit about most of them. Horizon was ok but nothing special.

PS3 though had Infamous, TLOU and Uncharted! That's an easy win!

Never really thought about this... each gen has brought amazing new IPs... I'd probably say PS2 or PS3 though, but it's hard to pick a definitive answer! :o