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Forums - Sony Discussion - Which Sony console introduced the best Sony IPs



PS1 15 16.67%
PS2 30 33.33%
PS3 32 35.56%
PS4 13 14.44%

Thief :p Well PlayStation does always copy Nintendo...

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I'm partial to the PS3.


having experienced all of them, It's a really tough draw between ps2 and ps3, but I'm going to vote ps2. Was actually just having this debate with some other folks, and I honestly feel the ps4 at this point in comparison is lacking in 1st party titles that are as ground breaking as what ps2 and ps3 gaves us.

I feel like the PS3 produced the most groundbreaking titles, so I’m gonna have to go with that for. PS4’s future is looking pretty bright though, and it’ll be very interesting to look over it’s library by the end of this gen.

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Ps1 because of crash bandicoot, gran turismo and spyro. Crash team racing is still the best cart racing Sony ever produced.

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I came in here thinking PS1 but after seeing the list, I can't make my mind up now haha.

Hard choice between PS2 and PS3. I'll just go with PS2.

PS1 is underrated lol.

AlfredoTurkey said:
How many PS1 IPs are still selling well? If a first party IP can't make it more than one generation, how good can it be? GT is the only first party IP I can think of that's stood the test of time from PS1 until now.

Call of Duty must be the best thing to come out of the PS2 gen.

Ka-pi96 said:
PS3 by a landslide!

None of the PS1/2 franchises really appeal to me. The one exception would be Killzone but the PS2 entry was utter rubbish, I'm shocked they actually made a sequel rather than scrapping it, glad they did though because Killzone 2, 3 and Shadow Fall were all great games. Same with the PS4, couldn't give a shit about most of them. Horizon was ok but nothing special.

PS3 though had Infamous, TLOU and Uncharted! That's an easy win!

Sony really stepped it up on the PS3. It was definitely the best Sony console in terms of FPS and hack and slash games because of their first party devs.

Signalstar said:
Thief :p Well PlayStation does always copy Nintendo...

Yes Dreams is the best example. Fucking Sony, copying Mario Maker...