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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Xenoblade Chronicles 2 flawed but GREAT ...

i havent loved an rpg like this since ff7 THIS game to me is what ff13-15 should have been  WHILE it has flaws and the VOICE ACTING IS MEH... LOL i love the game just sharing my thoughts on why i love this game so much

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Tora kind of got on my nerve well his voice did but yeah splatoon is great as well

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This Game grows inside you like the first Xenoblade.

If you're someone who is an avid JRPG player chances are XBC2 is really going to keep hold of you for a very long while especially if you're a long time follower of the genre dating back to the SNES/PS1 days.

I think it can be very solid at times, very unpolished as well. I was more frustated than my time with the first game or X, but the story and characters were good enough for me to keep going.

Xenoblade is still not my top choice of its genre, but I think with more focused game design it can be a contender.

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I just found out that the guy who voices Azurda/Gramps in Xenoblade 2 was in the films Dark Crystal and Labyrinth back in the 80s and frankly this has made my day.

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I agree, the game had some low lows and very high highs, but the latter is enough to make this game one of my all time favorites. 90 hours in, still at least 30 from completing the game, and I’m still enjoying it enough where I eagerly look forward to every play session. I honestly haven’t been this absorbed in an RPG since Tales of Symphonia back in 2005. Definitely my favorite RPG of 2017, and if it wasn’t for Zelda, it’d be my GOTY as well.

Also the JP voiceovers are a significant improvement, if you’re open to that.

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I mean, it's already my most played game ever since I've turned into a gamer (in my perspective). So it did something really good :P

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Easily my second favourite game on Switch after Breath of the Wild.
The first 6-7 chapters on the first playthrough can be a little offputting (Chapter 3 aside, particularly the latter half), but the last 3-4 chapters were strong by any plot-driven RPG's standards.

I am having trouble waiting for Xenoblade Chronicles X to be ported over to Switch. I love the Xeno series.

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I thought the same. The game is amazing to play and is very replayable thanks to the rare blades. However I agree it has a lot of flaws. Things like annoying voices (However the "Don't forget me " guy had excellent lines). The story wasn't on par with the 1st one but the game play and characters are much better this time around. I like the entire main cast and even Tora can be interesting and entertaining.

2nd best game on the Switch. Best game in the Xenoblade series for me.

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