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Forums - General Discussion - Things that annoy you


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HomokHarcos said:

People who complain every time somebody says soccer instead of football
People wearing jewelry
When people make a big deal out of what movies, music or games somebody likes
Korea being split into two different countries
Knowing that Damascus and Baghdad will probably never be safe to visit in my lifetime (actually that's more disturbing than annoying)

People who call football, soccer! 


Misuse or ignorance of the definition of terms.


Lots of things really. Top ones are religion and Trump.

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Flilix said:


  • People who replace words in a sentence by emoticons.

Smartphones that throw up emoticons as predictive text

Nothing, I’m fairly chill.


The topic of this thread reminded me of the Wheel of Fortune clue on South Park “People who annoy you”

I describe myself as a little dose of toxic masculinity.

A lot already mentioned. Others I haven't seen yet:

- The use of the word 'sleeps' to count down to something eg "only 5 more sleeps until I go on holiday!!!"
- People who stand in inconvenient places to have a conversation, such as the stairs, in a doorway or in the middle of a busy street.

Anyone above the age of 14 that thinks they have to speak with slang.

Insert Coin. Press START. You Died. Continue?

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The motion controls, camera, gyroscopic puzzles, and terrible combat mechanics in BoTW.

Fire those people now, Nintendo.

Lots of things, but one that has many specific forms is especially annoying. That's all the little things that really are little but require more attention to do than you might think and often repeat themselves even thousands of times during one's lifetime: brushing your teeth, doing the dishes, shaving, finding the right key, logging in to services that log you out periodically... It's all so easy but repetitive and possibly time-consuming as well! I hate it!

Also, people in general deserve a special mention with the little annoying and/or stupid things they do. Thanks a lot for blocking the hallway in the grocery store, good sir! It makes perfect sense to put the cart sideways right there in the center. And more seriously, it's even much lesser things that annoy me.

You know what fucking annoys me? I just spent two hours trying to figure out why Chrome Canary won't run properly using ad blockers. I did so much shit. What fixed it was installing regular Chrome, which I only uninstalled for Canary because there was an issue specific to regular Chrome a few months earlier. Ugh ... fuck this shit

People who haven't read James Joyce. I'd go so far to say that those who don't have a favourite Joyce are pieces of shit.

Also, people who don't appreciate jazz, wine, and novellas.

I describe myself as a little dose of toxic masculinity.

People who don't know that there is a "View Results" button now.

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