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Forums - Gaming Discussion - FFVIIR What is your most wished moment to see in the upgraded remake?

Pinkie_pie said:
tifa and tthat woman smacking each other and tifa escaping

Omg this too.

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Some things in Final Fantasy VII will be really fucking weird to see updated to modern standards.

RedXIII dressed in a Shinra outfit springs to mind.


Barret's potty mouth, Aeris' death scene, Cid's attitude towards Shera.

Ka-pi96 said:

Sephiroth burning down Nibelheim.


Ka-pi96 said:

Sephiroth burning down Nibelheim. That was one of the truly iconic scenes in the game for me, and it truly showed what a badass Sephy was.

There is no other answer , all Nibelheim scenes are epic, the most important and awsome pieces are all there.

This scene is one of the most iconic scenes too:



And lets no forget escaping midgar:


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Cloud abusing Aeris. I do wonder how it will be handled nowadays.

How about the original battle system?  That would be swell.

Wright said:

The whole crossdressing quest/sequence.

Same. It will look glorious!

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Pinkie_pie said:
tifa and tthat woman smacking each other and tifa escaping

That too.

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Cloud crossdressing.

In all seriousness, this quest is the point in the story where we'd see how Squenix is able to reconcile the gritty, realistic, silly, and fantastic elements of their story. You know, because we're playing as a super soldier crossdressing to sneak into a crime lord's base. I want to see how they pull it all of at once.

It wouldalso be the point where we could see a bunch of alternate models for Cloud. Will we actually see Cloud get prettier if we do better? Will we be able to dress up as Lightning Farron, and complete the circle started by having her dress as Cloud?

Other parts will be pretty, but this is the part that sounds innately interesting.

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