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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo to reveal "new way to play the Switch" in 12 hours from now.

I'm predicting a Reggie onihole...

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Nautilus said:
OTBWY said:
What did Emily Rogers say? What reveal?

That a new direct was comming tomorrow.Just that.

Actually no,she said to expect something for casual audiences and to not expect an direct format for the reveal.

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This is interesting... While I am probably not the target, I will still have a look at it. I wonder wether it is sofware or hardware related...or both.

I legit have no idea but I'm thinking it's a new toys to life range for the ubisoft starlink game and possibly attachments for the joycon for steep.

Something along those lines.

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Here it comes guys.
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Disney Infinity/Skylanders Amiibo game?

I mean, it is targeted towards "kids and kids at heart" and it would be a new way to play on Swi... No wait a minute, Skylanders already came out on Switch.

Alright, never mind. I don't have a clue either.
But regardless, I'm going to watch this with zero expectations.

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TheGamer_1995 said:
It probably will be a portable only Switch for 200-250$ (Keep in mind those 6 new SKU by GameStop)
Does anybody know if there’s going to be new games shown or anything?

Portable only makes little sense. You can't get much cost savings from ditching the little hardware required to connect to the TV. You can only get rid of some plastic and the output ports.If they were to make an SKU ditching the hybrid concept, a home-console only SKU would make a lot more sense. You can ditch costly parts like the screen and the battery, and ofcourse you could still ditch excess plastic.

Sounds ominous

Well I’m a kid at heart but not sure what this could be if not a new controllers attached smaller handheld only version of Switch. I know kids in the 5-7 range have a hard time with the whole Switch/joycon setup and that needs to be addressed. I doubt any “attachment” will be successful enough to remedy that fully.

I hope it isn’t a Wii U gamepad type device that allows kids to do the “separate from tv” function on a more kid friendly device, syncing up with the Wii U... that would just muddy the Switch waters and only really be useful in home. The worst thing they could do for Switch is make it more complicated outside of it’s product definitions. Consumers will start running away from it if it gets anymore technical. Simplicity, even if just in appearance, is a big part of the appeal.