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When did you move to HD

2005 4 10.00%
2006 3 7.50%
2007 5 12.50%
2008 3 7.50%
2009 3 7.50%
2010 6 15.00%
2011 5 12.50%
2012 8 20.00%
Never 0 0.00%
Wahdaheo 3 7.50%

Black Friday 2010, bought a 42" 720p Insignia Plasma from Best Buy. I was pissed at myself for not having upgraded sooner.

I upgraded to 1080p with a 51" Samsung Plasma in 2013. This TV is excellent! I still use it everyday.

This past Black Friday, I upgraded to 4k HDR with a 60" Sony x690. I'm very happy with it so far, considering the low price I paid. The intention is to get 2-3 years out of it as my main gaming and movie TV. I have a tentative plan to make my basement much cooler, which will probably entail upgrading to 70" plus, and a bit higher end TV. Just not ready to go that far right now, but I couldn't resist 4k any longer. The HDR on this TV is mediocre. But, it is a noticeable upgrade when you're paying attention.

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m0ney said:
Intrinsic said:
I got a 42" HDTV back in 2005. Hooked up to my PS2. Damn that shit cost a small fortune at the time. My wow moment though was in december 2006 when I plugged in my PS3 to it for the first time. Funny thing about the launch PS3 was that I bought like 10 of them. No scalping, I just had the means to do so and get them into my country and figured a lot of people would want one. Ended up selling them for double the price.

I remember back then, by biggest dilema was either getting a plasma or a DLP.

Did the PS3s pay fully for your HDTV?

Yup.... but I didnt really appreciate it though... took me about 4 months to sell all those PS3s at the price I was asking. Which was even cheaper than anywhere else....

My family bought an Xbox 360 S and an 52 inch hdtv at around the same time in 2010. Burnout Paradise and a few other games just made my jaw drop in awe.

Up till then we had a 480p crt or something alongside a ps2 (which I still own)

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I got a 52" 1080p tv when Gears of War came out. That's the first game I played on it. So 2006.
Before that I had a 34" HD ready widescreen CRT. It didn't accept 720p though, 480p and 1080i only. It only had 600 scan lines so not all that HD ready. HD DVD looked much better than standard DVD on that already. I never understood people saying upscaled DVD looked similar to blu-ray...

32" 1080i TV in 2007. Got it for my PS3.

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I got a Wii U in 2014, but I only used the tv for Splatoon and local multiplayer. Do the Wii U Gamepad and Switch handheld mode count as HD?

Flilix said:
I got a Wii U in 2014, but I only used the tv for Splatoon and local multiplayer. Do the Wii U Gamepad and Switch handheld mode count as HD?

Wii U Gamepad, no. It's 854x480.

The Switch screen is 720p, so that is HD, though as with Wii U/PS3/360, not every game on it runs in native HD.

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I was playing DS, ALL the time during the late 2000's. So HD wasn't even on my mind.

then I bought a PS3 out of hype sometime in 2009. Hated it. Bought a Wii Christmas 2009 and basically I haven't touched HD since. I bought a 3DS and that's what I play now.

I plan on buying a Switch this year, and this is when I will "officially" transition to HD.

So 2018 would be my answer.

hd on pc propably before 2005? I don't really know. I just remember a 1280*1024 resolution.
1680x1050 on pc around 2007.
hd on tv (old used tv) in 2008, used it only for wii and hated it, looked worse than tube tv.
fullhd on pc and tv in 2011.
not really interested in 4k.
I don't remember ever having that "wow" effect in those screens.

2013 when I moved house and decided it was easier to buy a new TV than break several family member's backs lugging my gigantic CRT up the many uneven steps leading to my new house. In retrospect I wish I'd just compensated them for any potential injury since there was nothing like it for playing pre-HD games.

HD didn't impress me, it sometimes looks pretty nice and maybe I couldn't go back but the lack of a significant improvement reinforced my already held belief that I should just skip 4K and wait for 8K, 12K whatever comes next.

Actually I just remembered I did buy an HD TV in 2007 (can't remember if it was 720 or 1080) but returned it the same day when I was utterly unimpressed with it and that was before I got my 38 inch or so CRT, I was just using a 14 inch Sony TV from the 80s with about 9 channel buttons (no remote) one speaker on the side for mono sound (but it had a headphone port for stereo) had RF and SCART but I didn't consider HD a worthwhile upgrade to that relic.