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When did you move to HD

2005 4 10.00%
2006 3 7.50%
2007 5 12.50%
2008 3 7.50%
2009 3 7.50%
2010 6 15.00%
2011 5 12.50%
2012 8 20.00%
Never 0 0.00%
Wahdaheo 3 7.50%

Your poll doesn't go back far enough. I had a 720p/1080i Sony Trinitron back in mid 2003. It was CRT, cost over $3000, and weighed 300+ pounds, but it had a picture SO much better than the flat panel displays at the time that it was ridiculous. The built-in speakers were amazing as well. Even the Samsung TV I bought in 2009 ( which was a solid upper-mid range model ) couldn't, in some ways, produce as nice of an image as that beaut, and it sure as shit didn't handle motion as well.

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Good question. Probably in 2007 with my PS3. Though I'm not sure if I already had my HD monitor back then. In the end it doesn't really matter since HD was just another arbitrary step in natural display evolution.

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2006 .

COD2 on PC ( 1024 x 768 ) .

2013. The year I got a Wii U.

Apparently I got my first widescreen monitor (with the resolution of 1680x1050) in 2009. I think I got a PS3 in 2008 and got an HD Ready TV soon after, so I'm assuming it was Christmas that year. That would make the year 2008.

Of course this is all ignoring all the PC gaming done in 1024x768 on a CRT monitor way before anything I mentioned.

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In 2009 i got a HDTV for my birthday and i thought it would be stupid to take advantage of it. I needed a Blu-Ray player and figured a PS3 was the best option. And Arkham Asylum looked so damn good that i had to play it

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When: ps3 release
How: bought a HD tv

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Xmas 2007, got a PS3, used a 32” lcd tv(still have it)

I conciously trasitioned to HD in 2013, when, after years of not even owning a TV, I bought a 24'' Samsung 1080p TV/monitor and my WiiU on black Friday.

Early 2012 if you want to count my 'HD ready' 720p macbook pro screen and playing minecraft, Bastion and a few other bits and bobs on it.
By the same logic I transitioned from HD to 5K a lot faster, seeing that I game on my late 2015 5k IMac (that I got in 2016).

m0ney said:

I had a 17 inch CRT monitor up until August of 2008 when I bought a 22 inch 1080p widescreen monitor. You can argue that CRT monitors are HD too since their native resolutions are 1024x768 or something but we know how tiny games look on them compared to widescreens.

Image quality was always important to me, so I was an early adopter of high res displays


PC HD (1280 x 1024 @ 85 Hz in 21'') = 1999 ... it was also able to display 1600 x 1200, but the VGA signal got blurry with that frequences

PC FullHD (1920 x 1200 @ 60 Hz in 24'') = 2007


movies / console HD (1280 x 720 in 80'') = 2004

movies / console FullHD (1920 x 1080 in 80'') = 2008


And a fun fact: my 21'' CRT had theoretically a bit more screen space than your 9 years younger 22'' flatscreen (but since only 20.0'' - 20.5'' wery visible, the flatscreen probably had a bit more screen space)

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