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When did you move to HD

2005 4 10.00%
2006 3 7.50%
2007 5 12.50%
2008 3 7.50%
2009 3 7.50%
2010 6 15.00%
2011 5 12.50%
2012 8 20.00%
Never 0 0.00%
Wahdaheo 3 7.50%

2014, when I bought my PS3 Ultra slim to play GTA V.

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Last year when I bought my first 1080p TV to play BOTW. Worth it.

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IBM T43p from 2005 had a 15' 1600x1200 IPS display. High res was a thing many years ago.

2012 my first and still only HDTV. 1080p. Xbox 360 not too long after that a PS3 and had a Roku. I didn't fully experience 1080p until 2013 when I replaced the old Roku with one that could do 1080p. I did have an HD Monitor in 2003 but no videos were HD. Actually nevermind. 2008 I played Portal on my PC.

2014, when I got a Wii U, so none of the above on the poll

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32 inch 720p in 2007. I wanted a blu-ray player so I got a PS3.
That TV is still going strong.


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m0ney said:

I had a 17 inch CRT monitor up until August of 2008 when I bought a 22 inch 1080p widescreen monitor. You can argue that CRT monitors are HD too since their native resolutions are 1024x768 or something but we know how tiny games look on them compared to widescreens.

HD is 1280x720.
So no, 1024x768 cannot be argued that they are HD as well. It's a pixel reduction of 17.1%

Conina said:

Image quality was always important to me, so I was an early adopter of high res displays

Same here.
Heck, you had 4k displays back in 2001 and 1080P displays back in 1995 on the PC.

Back in the late 90's I was limited to 1024x768 as that was the limit I could get with the Voodoo 2 set up I had... Despite owning a 1600x1200 CRT monitor, in retrospect I should have went nVidia TNT.

Today though, because LCD doesn't scale like CRT's did, I am a little more conservative with resolution so I can maintain a clean, crisp, clear image at my native resolution (Currently 2560x1440) without needing a super computer to drive it.

My first "HD TV" though was a 720P, 32" LG TV which cost me over $1,200 AUD back in 2005-2007, the Government paid for it, just sold it to a mate about a month ago for $50.

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When God of War 3 was about to release, so around 2009-2010. Worth it... wait I already had a 720p tv though, so I guess you could say I already played in hd :thinking:

I started gaming in HD when I got an Xbox 360 in 2009.

However, the Wii was my primary platform that gen, so still played mostly in SD until I bought a Wii U in 2013.

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Around 2012-2013, when I built my first PC.